13 Fantastic Ways To Banish Negativity From Your Life & Inject A Little Positivity

WITH all the stresses of every-day life, looking after your own health and wellbeing can more often than not take a back seat.

Tessa Greer

Tessa Greer from TONIC

Work can stress us out, family and friends can stress us out and partners can stress us out.

When we are in these moods of total stress and anxiety, we find comforts to make ourselves feel better in the immediate short term.

But many of these comforts won’t help us to lead a happier and more positive life in the long run.

We caught up with some of the friends of Northern Ireland wellbeing experts TONIC Health and Wellness who have compiled a list of top tips to help people combat life’s everyday stresses.

13 top tips for improving your health and wellness from the experts:

1. Floating

Vivian McKinnon from Hydro-Ease Flotation Centre said: “We positively thrive when we are the CEO of our own life and the many versions of ‘I’ that we present to our world every day.

“In the unrivalled environment of floatation we are able to connect this oneness throughout our body and mind to create a wonderful state of stable balance promoting the most effervescent feeling of relaxation and contentment many days past the float itself.”

hydro ease flotation centre

2. Memories

Deborah King from Bee Empowere said: “Time Line Therapy is based on the concept that we each have a unique internal ‘time line’ which is how we unconsciously store our memories and projections of the future.
“It can help you heal emotional trauma, without having to talk about or re-live the events which caused these in the first place.”

3. Meditation

Tessa Greer from The Sound Healing Spa said: “A short meditation or time out for relaxation each morning can help to boost how we feel each day and can help us to approach things in a much more effective and productive way, therefore having a positive effect on our experience of life.
“I find meditation and tuning into to some healing sounds a real boost for the day.”

the sound healing spa

4. Emotional Freedom

Adrienne McAllister from Living Stress Free EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) explained: “In addition to our physical bodies and minds we all have an energy body that is unique to our individual selves.
“Stress is an indication that the flow of energy through our energy body has become blocked leaving us feeling unhappy and powerless.
“Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a simple, fast and effective way to remove these blocks and result in us feeling inspired with limitless possibilities.”

5. Attitude Of Gratitude

Sonia Longridge from Natural Therapies Directory said: “Having an attitude of gratitude and appreciation is one of the best ways of making a difference to our level of happiness or positivity.
“The therapists on www.naturaltherapiesdirectoryni.com often espouse such an attitude in their daily lives and in working with their clients.”

6. Powerful Thinking

Deborah King from Bee Empowered said: “To feel good now simply think of a specific happy, joyful, fun filled memory. You only need one. Re-live it in your mind.
“Put yourself in that memory and look through your own eyes, think what you thought, see what you saw and feel what you felt. Stay there for as long as possible.
“In that very moment you have changed your state of mind and your feeling / vibration from a negative to a positive one.”

7. Use Aloe Vera

Joanna McCully from Forever Living Products said: “Aloe Vera is so versatile that it can be consumed or applied to promote good health and wellbeing.
“Even thousands of years ago Aloe Vera was a symbol of eternal life and beauty.”

8. Massage

Liz Elliott from The Health & Wellbeing Company said: “Make yourself healthier by regular lymphatic drainage massage.
“Massage of the drainage system of your body, get rid of the rubbish, sluggish lymph and swelling. Boost your immune system before the winter months.”

bam stock massage

9. Choose Your Friends Wisely

Tessa Greer from TONIC Health & Wellness advised: “Surround yourself with people who lift your spirit, help you to feel good and avoid those who bring you down. Simple, but extremely effective.”

10. Embrace Complementary Therapy

Mary-Jane Burns from The Health & Wellbeing Company said: “Life on planet earth was not meant to be difficult but our emotions block our happiness, positive attitude and abundance.
“Once our day to day fears are removed and drop away our behaviour, internal freedom and thoughts change naturally too being positive and of peace, happiness and we can attract an abundant life of who we want to be.
“The complementary therapies The Health & Wellbeing Company provide lead to gentle, powerful changes as your fears melt away. Giving you techniques you can use for yourself for positive life changes.”

11. Listen To Music

Tessa Greer from TONIC Health & Wellness said: “Choose music that reflects the mood you wish to be in and consider the tempo, the tone, the lyrics and any links to positive memories from the past. Music is a fantastic tool to brighten up your day.”

Music lover

12. Consider Talking

Jimmy Smyth from The Health & Wellbeing Company said: “An unresolved issue from your past will be like a cancer with the potential to spread into other areas of your life: your relationships, your health, your job, eroding the happiness, peace of mind, contentment, love and beauty. Counselling or coaching can change all that and make a difference.”

13. Take Time Out

Amanda McWilliams from Lotus Therapies said: “Increasing your levels of happiness and positivity can be helped by taking time out for yourself.
“At Lotus Holistic Therapies we aim to de-stress and rebalance the mind and body allowing us to be positive and happy.”


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