Singer Rebekah Reveals How Music Helps Her Battle Mental Illness

A YOUNG Belfast singer/songwriter has revealed how the release of her debut EP is helping her battle mental illness.

Earlier this year Rebekah Wilson, 17, released Reprieve – a record she admits is “very personal”.

Rebekah Wilson

Rebekah | Photo taken from

Over the last number of years Rebekah has battled with feelings of depression.

But she says music gives her a way to address and deal with her negative emotions.

She said: “Reprieve was written as a result of feeling trapped within my life and not really knowing why.

“I suppose it was a feeling of claustrophobia that inspired me to write. For me it was just a bunch of songs that I was pleased with so I put them together on a CD.

“Music is the only thing that really helps me through tough times and depression.

“Perhaps appreciating it more so than writing it because when I’m low I just can’t express anything I’m feeling.

“But I know that I feel on top of the world when I’m in a venue with my favourite bands shaking every organ in my body with their music, or when I’m singing my lungs out to my favourite song.

“There’s just something about music that is so indescribable but makes us feel so good. There’s always something we can relate to and there’s something for everyone”

Just like many teenage writers Rebekah’s writing covers everything from relationships to how she’s feeling.

She explained: “I’m a sucker for love songs and most of the things I need off my chest are in that vein so the first and final track are about that – one break-up song and one forever-and-ever song.

Rebekah Wilson“The title track Reprieve was written about my lack of freedom but from the perspective of a depressed Rebekah.

“Looking back at it now, it’s probably more about depression than I originally intended.”
Having used music to help her work through feeling low and seeing its positive outcomes Rebekah advises other young people with creative talents to “go for it”.

“Don’t have any shame” she said, adding: “if it’s something you want to do and it’s something you love, you can’t go wrong with it no matter what others think.

“There are so many opportunities in the music industry, whether it be on the stage, behind the stage, in the studio, in the venue or behind the laptop in your bedroom.

“Just find something you love and go out and make sure you have a good time.

“You’ve one chance to do it and if it makes you happy, then it’s the right thing.”

Rebekah has always had a love for music, in fact she remembers writing her first song in primary school.

She said: “Music has been my passion from I was a toddler and I was writing my own music and lyrics from maybe about 5/6 years old.

Rebekah | Photo by Chris McConnell

Rebekah | Photo by Chris McConnell

“I don’t really know what influenced me other than my passion and drive for doing what I loved.

“While it was always something in the background, I accidentally wrote something I was genuinely pleased with in December 2013 and that’s what got me started into writing for performance and recording.”

“The response has been great. I never thought people would be so positive about it.

“If I knew the response would be so good, I’d have started out a lot earlier.

“The main reason I didn’t start earlier was because I was too scared that people would think it sucked.”

Rebekah’s debut EP Reprieve is now available from