10 Reasons You Should Give Meditation A Go

WHEN it comes to meditation we’ve all heard the word being bandied about all over the place.

Our lives get quicker and brains get fuller as our day to day responsibilities and the juggling of it all becomes more stressful.

We would be forgiven for thinking that those who meditate seem to have the answer. That calm fascade that we can only dream of while spinning round the kitchen like a Tasmanian devil on amphetamines searching for bag, keys, phone, ear-phones, scarf, sun glasses, coat and all the trappings of the modern commuter.

Are they hiding some mystical wisdom that only the spiritually enlightened get to have a slice of?

Apparently not. According to expert Lara Forsythe of the Belfast Centre of Healing Arts meditation is not only simple but something we can all get to grips with.

So what is meditation?

Meditation WomanI was tempted to simply quote wikipedia here or some other suitable meditation specialist but when it all boils down, meditation – to me – seems to be the practice by which we take and train our mind to focus, envoke calm and promote positive and logical thought.

My understanding of meditation is that it’s a way for us to connect with our mind, body and soul as well as our feelings, emotions and listen to some of the messages we may be missing in our hectic daily life.

It’s easier said than done.

But surprisingly more people meditate more than we might think.

We’ve all had those moments where we step out of our situation and aim to focus. Whether it’s in a crowded room, or we’re hiding from the kids on the toilet or we simply pause for a moment before launching into a stressful situation.

However, that sense of focus, peace and calm that many of us can quickly find in an hour of need can be greatly amplified and the energy harnessed much more effectively if we just give ourselves the time.

But what are the benefits?

Lara from Belfast Centre of Healing Arts said: “Meditation is simple and easy to learn, and has an accumulating effect – the more you practise, the more benefits you receive.”

Essentially what she means is practise really does set you on the path to perfection.

Lara’s 10 benefits of meditation

1. Increases feelings of positivity and wellbeing

2. Decreases pain, inflammation and stress

3. Improves creativity and memory

4. Increases focus and attention span

5. Increases self-responsibility and authenticity

6. Decreases feelings of loneliness and separation

7. Enhances productivity, sharpness and problem-solving ability

8. Increases emotional intelligence/balance and mental resilience

9. Improves quality of sleep and relaxation

10. Strengthens immune system function and lowers blood pressure

How do we do it?

Lara Forsythe

Lara Forsythe

Lara’s advice is to keep it simple and don’t over-complicate the task at hand.

To get started Lara says:

* Find suitable (instrumental) music or a guided meditation to help clear your mind and focus your attention.

* Aim for small doses (5-10 minutes) daily and build up to give you more and more time.

* To progress your skills in meditation once you have perfected this join a local meditation group

* And most importantly enjoy it.

For more information about meditation contact Lara at the Belfast Centre of Healing Arts by logging on to www.belfasthealingarts.com or check them out on www.facebook.com/belfasthealingarts

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