Health Conscious Energy Drink…Is That Even Possible?

A NEW energy drink is set to take the Northern Ireland market by storm.

As a result most health conscious consumers they might be considering taking a wide berth.

But maybe this one is worth a second look.

While most energy drinks have earned themselves a bit of a reputation for containing all sorts of scary ingredients which many health experts warn against consuming, according to its distributors GDK Drinks 28 Black is a drink with a difference.

Like most energy drinks 28 Black claims to do exactly what it says on the tin – give you energy.

However, unlike most energy drinks it has a very different chemical make up.

28 Black ingredients contain:

Taurine is a synthetic form of an amino acid which can be found naturally in the body.
According to “in its natural form, actually shows positive effects on the cardiovascular system, nervous system, and immune system”.
However, there are many schools of thought that believe “this may cause a person to feel unsatisfied with the lack of adrenalin they receive from the energy drink, causing them to reach for more caffeine” added globalhealingcenter.

According to artificial preservatives “are a group of chemical substances added to food, sprayed on the outside of food, or added to certain medications to retard spoilage, discoloration, or contamination by bacteria and other disease organisms”.

Artificial food colourings have long been a topic of debate with some being banned and others being subject to very strict rules. No matter what – we do know that they can have an adverse effect on children and their attention and activity levels. It would be remiss not to think that they would also have the same effect – albeit reduced – in adults.

Katie Russell, GDK Drinks

Katie Russell, GDK Drinks

Since its launch in 2008 the 28 brand has grown in popularity throughout Europe, with stockists across Italy, France, Great Britain, across Scandinavia and Germany. Over 100 million cans have been sold worldwide to date.

Available in three flavours, the Classic is reminiscent of traditional energy drinks while the Black option is made from the acai berry and contains additional vitamin C and the sugar-free variant, 28 Black Free provides the energy boost you would expect from an energy drink, as a result of its natural caffeine but without sugar.

David Russell, GDK Drinks

David Russell, GDK Drinks

David Russell, Brand Director at GDK said: “It is clear the market is shifting away from traditional energy drinks, which are loaded with taurine and artificial additives.

“Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of what they eat and drink and although the thirst for energy drinks has not diminished, the desire for premium and less additive heavy alternatives has grown rapidly.”

The 28 Black portfolio of drinks is currently available throughout the Beannchor Group in Northern Ireland.

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