Colin Morgan Humans Co-Star Says Armagh Boy Is A “Fantastic Actor”

Leo (Colin Morgan)

COLIN Morgan fans will be glued to the TV tonight (Sunday August 2) as the season finale of Humans airs on Channel 4 at 9pm.

BAM.Emily Berrington

Emily Berrington

Colin’s character Leo plays a central role in the show and his co-star Emily Berrington who plays Niska has been singing his praises.

Speaking of the 29-year-old Armagh star Emily said: “As for Colin Morgan, it was great working with him. I’d heard from so many others that he’s a fantastic actor as well as a very nice person, both of which turned out to true.

“Colin works incredibly hard, and before we filmed a scene, he would kind of physically get into character and run through bits of dialogue and material leading up to the scene.

Episode 3.L-R Max (Ivanno Jeremiah) and Leo (Colin Morgan)

Colin Morgan

“Some actors just want to chat about the weather before the director shouts, ‘Action,’ so I found it very useful to spend time beforehand really getting into the moment and thinking about what we were about to do.

“Because I was playing such a complex character, I couldn’t allow myself to be distracted before a take, and Colin is extremely thorough with his performance and dedicated to the scene.

“He doesn’t let anything go until he’s happy with what’s happened, so that was a wonderful way to work, and, again, on top of that, Colin is such a nice guy.”

Humans season 1 finale trailer:

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