Co Antrim Entrepreneurs To Face The Dragons On BBC2’s Hit Show

A COUNTY Antrim business duo are set to go head to head with the dragons tonight (Sunday August 9) on BBC 2.

Entrepreneurial Colum McLornan and his business partner Claire Hunter will face scrutiny by top investors on the popular show Dragon’s Den when they present their new food business Rule of Crumb to the panel.

And the prime time appearance comes just days after the fledgling firm wins three Great Taste Awards at the UK’s most prestigious.

Colum and Claire will be pitting their wits against dragons Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden, Sarah Willingham, Touker Suleyman and Nick Jenkins in a bid to secure a cash investment for their one-year-old business.


Although sworn to secrecy on the details of the programme Colum did reveal it was a “fabulous experience” to meet the Dragons whom he had admired for years.

Colum McLornan and Claire Hunter

Colum McLornan and Claire Hunter

Earlier this week the business partners were celebrating as judges for The Great Taste Awards, considered the food Oscars by the industry, gave Rule of Crumb’s Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins two gold stars and one star for its per person portion packs of Gluten Free Cornflakes and 1 star for its Part-baked Frozen Gluten Free Bread Roll.

The company is also on the brink of securing shelf space in some of the UK’s most biggest stores as well as products available in a number of catering and hospitality outlets.

Colum McLornan said: “We entered a number of products and were amazed that three in our range were allocated star ratings.

“The Great Taste Awards 2015 received 10,000 entries and only under one third of those products were credited so it supports our belief that Rule of Crumb gluten-free products are just as tasty if not better than their non gluten-free counterparts.”


Rule of Crumb has recently established a new online shop at to allow coeliacs to purchase from the range that comprises a comprehensive collection of products for every mealtime including breakfast cereals, breaded fish, chicken kievs, bread and muffins.

See Colum McLornan and Claire Hunter on Dragon’s Den at 8pm tonight (Sunday August 9) on BBC2.

Colum McLornan and Claire Hunter face the dragons

Colum McLornan and Claire Hunter face the dragons

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