Social Network Site Finds Novel Way To Brighten Up Mural Pictures

A SERIES of doctored pictures, released by a social media group LAD, are taking Facebook and Twitter by storm across Northern Ireland.

The social commentary and comedy site, which has a network of over 50,000 people across the country on various social sites is addressing the controversial issue of paramilitary murals in a very novel way.

They decided to start a campaign to photoshop contentious murals which depict scenes of men with guns on both sides of the divide.

LAD Mural Pic


“We are looking at pictures of NI muriels [SIC] and had a thought – what would it look like if we replaced guns with guitars?” they said on their Facebook page.

And already the pictures which include Tigers Bay City Rollers, Mumford and Sons of Ulster, Badly Drawn Billy Boy and Volunteers For Fears are set to go viral with hundreds of people sharing, liking, tweeting and commenting on the pictures.



The group have even photoshopped a version of First Minister Peter Robinson’s infamous AK47 photo, with a superimposed Fender Stratocaster, that bears an uncanny resemblance to a young Hank Marvin.


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