Celebrity Vlogger Marcus Butler Set For Belfast Today

Photo courtesy www.marcusbutler.co.uk

INTERNET sensation Marcus Butler is in Belfast today (August 13) to officially launch his new book.

Photo courtesy www.marcusbutler.co.uk

Photo courtesy www.marcusbutler.co.uk

Because apparently for this YouTube star being followed by millions on social networks isn’t enough.

The 23-year-old has now brought out a book…Hello Life!

And many critics are asking just what does he have to say.

Well with over 22 million views in a month on his YouTube channel I don’t really think the critics opinion – nor mine – really matters.

Marcus gained a name for himself after uploading a number of videos talking randomly about a wide range of subjects.

Now, his funny, natural style has won him legions of fans who have watched him grow from pranking teen to a mature adult with a lot to say.

He has millions of fans across the globe and is now known for touching on a variety of subjects including from dealing with bullying and confidence issues to advice on maintaining a health and fitness regime.

BAM.MarcusButler5As he’s got older the vlogger (video blogger for those who aren’t familiar) has begun to share more about himself and his videos have become more challenging, open and vulnerable – qualities his fans are lapping up.

Currently the star has 3.4 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel with a further 1.3 million on his second channel.

Between Twitter and Instagram he boasts a whopping 3.8million followers.

Marcus Butler will be at Easons at Donegall Place today (August 13) signing copies of Hello Life!

To get a copy of the book log onto www.easonedition.com.

Marcus Will Tell You About The Book Here

Photo courtesy www.marcusbutler.co.uk

Photo courtesy www.marcusbutler.co.uk

And A LIttle Bit More Marcus Just For Fun

Photo courtesy www.marcusbutler.co.uk

Photo courtesy www.marcusbutler.co.uk

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