Did You Know…You still need a TV licence to watch TV on your phone or tablet?

EARLIER this month research published by Ofcom revealed smartphones have overtaken laptops as the most popular way of accessing the internet.

And a lot of that use is the consumption of live and on demand TV.

According to TV Licensing research more than 31% of us across the UK don’t believe we need a licence to watch telly on our smart devices.

While that’s maybe bad news for those who don’t have a TV and thought they had gotten around the problem it’s good news for licence payers who are up to date.

If you purchase a licence for your home it covers you to watch live on your phone, laptop or tablet both when you’re at home and out and about…as long as the phone is not plugged in when outside.

The report also revealed that TV still reaches the overwhelming majority of people, with more than 90 per cent of the population watching TV each week.

In a separate report published by Ofcom earlier this year4, research showed over a quarter of all adults watched a TV programme on a mobile phone in the past year.

For more information about when a licence is needed go to www.tvlicensing.co.uk/info

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