REVIEW: Donum Dei Justice Fails EP Launch, Limelight Belfast

Donum Dei, pic

PROXIST unfortunately had to pull out of this gig as their singer took sick on the way to Belfast.

So first up instead were Theories Divide, a Dublin based band.

These boys jumped straight in with high energy. They’re not a band I’ve seen before but the played a fast paced set and I enjoyed them.

They had good interaction with an unknown audience and the crowd got into the spirit of things as well, especially their impromptu mettle version of Benn Banassi’s satisfaction which got a great reaction.

Donum Dei, pic

Donum Dei, pic

Next up were By conquest or consent who always bring a lot of energy to all their performances.

They’re a very tight band with well put together songs that have good harmonies with their clean and dirty vocals.

Songs included the ever popular We Came To Bring The Fight from their album and Revelations – which is melodic and heavy.

Donum Dei are a great band with very strong influences, if you’re my age and have ever listened to them it will take you back quite a few years and their looks belie their sound.

After their unique intro to Iron Man, where each member except the drummer came to the stage from different parts of the bar, they got stuck straight in with the high octane no escape which got people straight up and to the front of the stage.

These boys have confidence in abundance and with tight rhythms and vocals they remind me of the thrash of my younger years, when there was just Rock and Thrash and no sub-genres that are more confusing than half the band names.

Their new stuff is a lot heavier and you can tell they are developing and progressing into a style all their own.

The EP title Justice Fails got a sing back chorus from the audience where the track Buried Alive is again heavier and faster.

They ended their set with a cover of Metallica’s Seek & Destroy with Theories Divide’s singer as a guest, which incurred a crowd invasion of the stage.

All in all a great gig with a great turnout.