Belfast Musicians Use Funding Site To Create The Music Their Fans Want

A GROUP of Belfast musicians have come together to create a music collaboration with a difference.

Alt9, consisting of BAM writer J’aime Rachelle (vocals), Nathan Mateer (keys), Rebecca Montgomery (drums), Rod Patterson (double bass) and Alice Elizabeth Fleming (violin), are using artist funding site Patreon ( to record a range of covers and original music for fans on request.

And their first collaboration is a retro rendition of the Sia track Elastic Heart and features split screen recordings of the team.

11948209_10152951676326249_724353217_nNathan, who has a background in animation and video production, is using the project to help him break into the music industry.

He said: “The goal of the alt9 projects is really to get more talented musicians and singers collaborating.

“I’ve been looking for a talented singer with a unique voice like J’aime’s for a while now to work on a project like this.

“I had been helping someone out with some music recordings which gave me the idea to try and make the career shift to music.

“Patreon seems to be the best way to do a project like this because viewers can donate per video.

“I am a massive fan of Patreon’s founder Jack Conte and my first attempt at the video song set up is definitely inspired by his group Pomplamoose, who are amazing.”

11350014_10152951676321249_9122116_nFor 18 year old J’aime the music business has been part of her life from a young age.

She explained: “I’ve always grown up loving music as my Daddy is well-known in the music scene and my mum is a poet.

“Although I don’t listen to much chart and pop music, I feel many of these artists are really versatile, interesting and experiment a lot in their music and I love that.  That’s why Sia was a perfect fit for what we wanted to do.

“Although my favourite bands are Led Zeppelin, Suede, Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, and of course the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

“Vocally my main influences are people like Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga, Paul Weller and Florence Welch.

“I have a soft voice but I love heavy and crazy music. I love having that contrast.”

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