Sexy Glamour Girl Arriana Sets Up Her Own Photographic Studio In NI

Arriana Flo - Pic: Catharine Jenkins

WHEN it comes to the glamour industry they don’t come more photogenic than the sexy seductress Arriana Flo.

Relatively new on the local modelling scene at just 21-years-old she’s already taking the business by storm.

Arriana Flo

Arriana Flo – Pic: Catharine Jenkins

And the Donegall born model is a beauty with brains.

Arriana, who currently lives in Carrickfergus, is doing so well she’s even opened her own photography studio in Greenisland.

Last month Arriana launched her business Models or Mannequins last month and already it’s being tipped to become the top spot for shooting Northern Ireland’s growing glamour scene.

Earlier this year Arriana was signed by fellow Belfast glamour model Laura Lacole to Frontier Models.

Frontier Models, owned by Laura, is a new UK and Ireland modelling agency catering for fitness, fashion, lingerie and glamour models.

Arriana says she’s determined to be successful both as a businesswoman and a glamour model.

She explained: “I’ve been lucky enough to have travelled quite a lot around Europe with my modeling. I’ve worked with various bikini companies and new upcoming lingerie designers.

“I have the name of being the little barbie in the industry because of being so small, the big blonde hair and my bubbly personality which I’m able to show in my work.

“I’m determined to be successful in modeling because it’s something I’m passionate about and I know I’m good at. I’d love to work for playboy some day and possibly be on those huge billboards.

“I’ve always been very ambitious and I love having something to work towards. Opening my own studio is going to do so much for my own career and also means I can help others achieve their dreams and much more.

“The studio doesn’t just cater for glamour but also all different types of modelling such as high fashion, alternative, art, nude and even fitness.

“I have so many ideas and plans for this business, this is just the stepping stone to bigger things for me, it’s just the beginning.”

Despite the rise of the glamour model industry in Northern Ireland Arriana says she is still at the end of people’s prejudice sometimes when it comes to her job.

Arriana Flo 3

Arriana Flo – Pic: Catharine Jenkins

“When I was 15 I started off doing fashion modelling, working for small clothing stores – I had had a dream to be a model since I was very young” she said, adding: “As I got older I didn’t know if glamour modeling was for me or not. It’s so different to fashion, so I was naturally nervous when I first done a lingerie shoot.

“But as soon as I got going, I knew instantly it was for me. Being provocative, having fun, just being me in front of the camera was all I ever wanted and it meant I could really show my personality in the photos too.

“When I first done glamour it still wasn’t a common thing here in Northern Ireland or Ireland so it shocked a few people to say the least. There was some negative feedback at the beginning, but you can’t please everyone can you.

“While the hardest part of the job is definitely the crazy hours of travelling just to get to a shoot for a couple of hours sometimes being judged can get you down.

“People are forever judging me on how I look. I especially remember attending a casting in London, to which I was told at the end of the casting, ‘oh wow, you’re not as stupid as we thought you were. Especially for being blonde’.”

As well as pursuing her new studio Arriana is looking forward to her future with Frontier Models.

Arriana Studio 2She said: “I have always worked freelance, purely based on the reason I’ve never found an agency I felt would be beneficial to me. I don’t want to be thrown in amongst a crowd and have to deal with favouritism and jobs that I have no interest in or don’t specifically suit me.

“When Laura approached me, I was still wary of it but I listened and at last I was excited and hopeful that finally someone is going to be supportive of the glamour industry.

“Laura has a great history in the glamour industry herself so she knows both sides and will work hard for everyone.

“I couldn’t be happier to have joined an amazing team.”

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Arriana Flo - Pic: Catharine Jenkins

Arriana Flo – Pic: Catharine Jenkins

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