£80,000 Charity Donation Saves Lives & The Environment

Gerry Morgan, owner of Harvard Manufacturing with Concern Worldwide's Frankie McClure

HAVE you ever wondered where your used printer cartridges end up?

A Warrenpoint business that specialises in recycling them is not only helping the environment by rescuing empty cartridges from the bin.

It’s using them to help save lives in some of the world’s poorest places.

Harvard Manufacturing has given more than £80,000 to international humanitarian organisation Concern Worldwide in a partnership stretching back over a decade.

The business, which employs four people and operates from a warehouse in the Warrenpoint Enterprise Centre, refurbishes thousands of used top-brand printer cartridges every year for hundreds of local schools and businesses and resells them – donating some of the proceeds to Concern.

The funds are then used to help vulnerable people recovering from emergencies in places like Syria, Sierra Leone, South Sudan and Nepal.

Company owner Gerry Morgan said the long-term charity partnership started back in 2002: “I wanted to give customers an opportunity to know that they were contributing to something worthwhile. And Concern fitted the bill – I always admired what they did.

“It was a natural link because our clients could see that people in poverty in the developing world were benefitting from this. They could equate putting an empty cartridge in our recycling box with potentially saving a life he added.”

This year’s donation from the business totalled just over £13,600.

Concern’s Frankie McClure said: “We are grateful to Harvard Manufacturing and their customers for their support over the years.

“The partnership is a good example of how a business and charity can work together to make a lasting impact – transforming lives and reducing the impact on the environment.”