Miss Ireland Beauty Queen Sacha Livingstone Says She’s Proud To Be A Modern Day Feminist

A NORTHERN Ireland beauty queen who was crowned Miss Ireland recently has revealed she wants to represent a “modern day woman”.

Sacha Livingstone

Sacha Livingstone

Stunning model Sacha Livingstone, an English Literature student at Ulster University, says taking part in the competition was “empowering”.

She believes it’s possible to have feminist ideals and look good on the catwalk.

The 20-year-old blonde beauty beat off stiff competition from 31 other contestants, impressing the judges in categories such as personality, persona, cat walk and poise.

Opinionated CMPR Model Sacha, from Hillsborough, told judges from the stage: “Personally I think looks aren’t everything.”

And her strong resolve impressed them enough to see her crowned the overall winner at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Dublin on Friday night.

She said: “I didn’t get to bed last night until about quarter to four and then I was up again at half seven. It’s been a whirlwind so far. I’ve hardly had time to reply to everyone who has congratulated me and I feel bad about that but I’ve had to get the work face on, so I will probably spend some time replying to everyone as soon as I can.

“Every time someone wants to take a picture I turn round to see who of.

“I really didn’t expect to win, some people have said my reaction was funny, when I was on stage

“I nearly asked them to say it again just to be sure.

“It started off as 32 girls whittled down to 15 and then a top seven were chosen – everyone in the top seven had to answer a question from one of the judges. The question I was asked was about the stigma of beauty queens. I said that I didn’t think beauty was everything and they seemed to like my answer.

Sacha Livingstone

Sacha Livingstone

“I’m not afraid to voice my opinions but I would never overpower someone with them as I’m quite a chilled out person and I tend to go with the flow. I don’t get caught up with negative things.”

And staying true to her feminist ideals will be one thing Sacha plans to do throughout her term as Miss Ireland.

She said: “Being in the competition has been quite empowering for me despite the stigma that can be attached to beauty pageants.

“In my degree I’ve been specialising in feminism and gender identity. I don’t think things that concern beauty such as pageants conflict with my feminist beliefs – I believe you can be a beauty queen and a feminist all at once.

“I want to represent the modern day woman.”

Although when it comes to her education Sacha is determined to ensure it doesn’t suffer and is considering taking some time off university to complete her duties as Miss Ireland.

Sacha Livingstone

Sacha Livingstone

She said: “I’m currently about to enter my final year studying English literature but I’m the kind of person that likes to put 100 per cent into everything I do and with this kind of competition you have to put your all into it, however, I want to do that but not at the expense of my education.

“Although it’s early days I am thinking I may have to consider potentially taking a year out so that I can concentrate on my duties as Miss Ireland.”

Sacha will now take to the stage in December at the Miss World competition in Sanya, China.

She will compete against more than 100 beauty queens from across the globe in the hope of bringing the Miss World title home.

But she’s determined not to get caught up in the showbiz lifestyle and hasn’t ruled out the chance of finding love on her journey.

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“I really want to enjoy my experience so I will definitely be making a conscious effort to keep my feet on the ground. I’m pretty down to earth anyway” she said, adding: “At the minute I’m single and of course I will be busy this year. Although I’m not looking for love, if the opportunity came along I wouldn’t say no because you never know what might come along.”

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