The Fall Actress Niamh McGrady Reveals She’s A “Ninja Badass”

HOLBY City and The Fall actress Niamh McGrady has revealed when it comes to shooting she’s got her eye on the target.

The brunette beauty, who is best known for her roles as Danielle Ferrington in The Fall and Mary-Claire Carter in Holby, shocked crew members on location when she proved just what a great shot she was.

Niamh, 31, from County Down told that while shooting the last series of The Fall, she earned a reputation as a “ninja badass”.

She said: “One day we were shooting up at The Maze prison. It’s miles from anywhere and very spacious.

“One of the crew had an air pistol so the lads were killing time with target practice, target being an old sign above a door about 150 yards away. I won’t name names but these were big lads enjoying a macho moment and they were all missing the target by miles.

“Eventually the gun passes to me and obviously they were all expecting me to be shit, but I hit the target, first go, zero effort.

“The lads all nearly died! It was all round the set by the end of lunch that I was a ninja badass. I played it cool, of course, but it felt pretty good.”

Recently Niamh finished filming two short films, in 2016 she will be appearing in the romantic drama Hard To Breathe and the adventure comedy Big Bang Festival.

She’s now taking some time out for a well-deserved break while she plans her next move.

“I am currently enjoying a little break for the moment while I decide where to tread next” said Niamh.

And her tips for others hoping to follow in her footsteps?

She said: “As for this career? It’s hard to say, I don’t know where my own will end up. There are never any guarantees, and there is so much rejection and instability.

“This job requires a lot of patience.

“Only follow this path if those things aren’t enough to put you off. It has never deterred me although it has been tough at times.”

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