Engineering Firm Raise £6,000 For Local Charities

SJC Hutchinson Engineering has tackled a number of fundraising events during the year and raised a remarkable £6,000 in aid of The Cedar Foundation and the Mid Ulster Branch of Autusm NI.

The management team at Hutchinson Engineering were delighted to be handing over their highest amount ever for charity, with £3,000 going each to The Cedar Foundation and the Mid Ulster Branch of Autism NI.

Richard Hutchinson, Operations Director at SJC Hutchinson Engineering said: “This year we pushed ourselves further than ever with a number of fundraising activities. One staff member entered into a mud run whilst another cycled from Belfast to Dublin, and back, in just two days.

“We also took on the Ben Nevis Challenge and ran the Belfast Marathon, in addition to running The Biggest Loser in the company. Aside from the intense sport activities, our staff also took part in raffles, quizes, collections and as a company, we made donations in lieu of Christmas gifts.

“Our staff have been phenomenal, and have really pushed themselves hard to raise the money. I’m inspired by what they were able to achieve and extremely proud of what has been accomplished.

“It made handing the cheques over to The Cedar Foundation and Autism NI (Mid Ulster Branch) that much more significant, because of the blood, sweat and tears, and there were smiles, that went into fundraising.”

The Hutchinson Group chose two charities last year to support company-wide. Richard Hutchinson went on to explain: “For 2015 our HR Co-ordinator Michelle McErlean chose The Cedar Foundation and Tal Shanker, CNC Laser Operator, chose Autusm NI (Mid Ulster Branch). The chosen charities carry significant meaning for our staff members, and it’s always important to us to do our best and raise as much as possible. Both charities stood out as they personally gave assistance to employees or extended family.”

Mark Hutchinson, Managing Director at SJC Hutchinson Engineering, Margaret Love, Chairman of the Mid Ulster Branch of Autism NI and Richard Hutchinson, Operations Director at SJC Hutchinson Engineering

Mark Hutchinson of SJC Hutchinson Engineering with Margaret Love of the Mid Ulster Branch of Autism NI and Richard Hutchinson from SJC Hutchinson Engineering

The Cedar Foundation deliver a range of services that enable people with disabilities to be fully included in their communities and get the most out of life. They give great assistance, whether it is helping with housing, activities, educational advice or just giving that all-important additional support.

Katherine Dawson, Cedar Foundation added: “We’re staggered by the effort that everyone at Hutchinson Engineering has put into fundraising. The extent of their efforts is some of the most impressive we’ve seen, and they have raised a marvelous amount for the Cedar Foundation.”

Autism NI supports parents and individuals with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder and promotes positive collaboration between parents, professionals and individuals with Autism to address the need for appropriate services.

Margaret Love, Chairman of the Mid Ulster Branch of Autism NI, said: “We’re incredibly thankful to Hutchinson Engineering for their kind donation to the Mid Ulster branch of Autism NI.

“This money will go a long way in helping families and individuals living with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder, as we support over 400 families in the Mid Ulster area.

“This is especially important to us as all our funds come from individuals and organisations who take the time to fundraise and support our work.”