Is This Research Right? What Do You Think Makes The Perfect Partner?

THE perfect partner brings you tea in bed, makes you laugh more than anyone and won’t watch ahead on box-sets without you, says a new study.

A survey of 2,000 adults found that as well as the big traits such as supporting your goals, apologising first after an argument and discussing what the future holds, it’s the little things that make up the perfect other half. ​

When it came to differences between the sexes, the study found ‘the ideal boyfriend’ would look great in a suit, have a great sense of humour and easily build IKEA furniture.

Whereas ‘the perfect girlfriend’ according to men would get on well with their mum, enjoy watching live music and allow their man to sleep in at weekends.

Beaverbrooks the Jewellers commissioned the study to mark the release of a new collection of diamond and two band ‘silhouette’ rings, which, much like the perfect partnership, are made to complement each other perfectly.

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Lorna Haddon, diamond ring and jewellery buyer at Beaverbrooks, and recently married herself, said: “It’s clear that the core traits we seek in a partner boil down to their values, openness and desire to build a future together.

“But it’s the little gestures and day-to-day interactions that can also prove to be a big draw, and end in two people feeling they just ‘fit’.

“Something as small as enjoying the same TV shows can be an indicator for some, while others may need the final approval of their sibling or best friends.

“Everyone is different and it can be hard to describe why a couple mesh together well – but it’s very exciting when you find it for yourself.”

The study, which main aim was to gauge what makes the perfect partnership, found over three quarters of Brits believed the same plans for having a family are essential in order to match.

Different political views, level of intellect and smoking habits were also voted as deal breakers.

The perfect husband or wife would ‘tell it like it is’ without playing mind games said 42 per cent – they would also be up for going out with their other half’s friends and be openly affectionate.


Almost half said the ideal spouse would know when you need space – while having their own interests outside of the relationship was important for four in ten.

A partner who never keeps secrets, offers a lift without being asked and ​can cook a great roast dinner were all deemed ideal traits for both sexes in the poll.

And though a partner who ‘knows how to cheer you up’ was named the ultimate requirement – over a quarter of Brits want their other half to get annoyed at the same things they do.

In the men’s vote, a nice smile was the prime trait of a perfect girlfriend, with six in ten who said a killer grin is a necessity.

She should also be confident in her own skin, able to stand up for herself – and when sharing a home, have a neutral sense of home décor that they both enjoy.

But for the women polled, a sense of humour came top of the list when it came to the perfect man – with seven in ten women who said being funny is essential.

The perfect gent would also bring a cup of tea in bed, know when to make romantic gestures and would always ask about her day.

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Four in ten women said their man should regularly give compliments – and when hitting the town, can dance like Channing Tatum.

Fastening her jewellery, having an athletic physique and knowing how to diffuse his other half when she’s stressed were also featured in the ‘perfect man’ list.

Amazingly, almost nine in ten coupled Brits said their tastes matched their partner’s – with 37 per cent who said they’d even trust their partner to ‘blind-buy’ an engagement ring; without them choosing it first.

Lorna Haddon said: “If you trust them to pick your engagement ring without seeing it, we’d say they’re a keeper.

“It’s rare to feel that eternal connection with another person, and finding it is worth celebrating.”

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The Perfect Partner

  1. Cheers you up
  2. Knows your likes/dislikes
  3. Not scared to be affectionate
  4. Supportive of your goals
  5. Knows when you need space
  6. Consults you over big decisions
  7. Can cook a mean roast dinner
  8. Can make you laugh more than anyone
  9. Freely apologises after an argument
  10. Won’t talk about arguments with friends/family
  11. Discusses the future
  12. Tells it like it is – no mind games
  13. Doesn’t keep secrets from you
  14. Has their own interests
  15. Gets on with your friends
  16. Offers lifts if you need to get somewhere
  17. Is approved of by parents/siblings
  18. Finds the same things annoying that you do
  19. Knows when to bend the truth – when to be brutally honest
  20. Doesn’t watch ahead on box-sets without you

The Perfect Girlfriend

  1. Great smile
  2. Confident in her own skin
  3. Encouraging and supportive
  4. Knows how to dress well
  5. Doesn’t give the silent treatment
  6. Stands up for herself
  7. Lets you have a lie-in
  8. Interested in sports
  9. Gets on with your mates
  10. Teaches you things you didn’t know
  11. Doesn’t mind ordering take-away/eating junk food
  12. Is independent
  13. Goes to see live music with you
  14. Gets on with your mum
  15. Helps you choose nice clothes
  16. Likes to take you out for dinner
  17. Watches horror films
  18. Laughs even when you’re not funny
  19. Has a unisex/neutral sense of home decor
  20. Makes crude jokes with you

The Perfect Boyfriend

  1. Good sense of humour
  2. Asks how your day was and listens
  3. Knows when to be romantic
  4. Diffuses your stresses
  5. Looks good in a suit
  6. Surprises you
  7. Brings a cup of tea in bed
  8. Supports your goals
  9. Stands up for you
  10. Not afraid of spiders
  11. Regularly compliments you
  12. Notices when you have had your haircut
  13. Can put together IKEA furniture
  14. Sets a good impression on your parents
  15. Dresses well
  16. Fastens your jewellery for you
  17. Prefers you without make-up on
  18. Willingly watches rom-coms
  19. Athletic
  20. Can dance like Channing Tatum