Know Your Rights Before Travelling Warns Consumer Body

Don’t have a ghoulish getaway, know your passenger rights!

The Consumer Council is encouraging all consumers to know their air and sea passenger rights so they don’t have a ghoulish getaway over the Halloween break.

Jenny Robinson, Senior Policy Officer at the Consumer Council said “Delays and cancellations can ruin a well earned break so it is important passengers know their rights.

“Under EU legislation passengers whose flights or sailings are delayed or cancelled may be entitled to assistance and in some cases compensation.

“If you do get caught up in delays or cancellations over the mid-term break, you can contact the Consumer Council who can help with any travel complaints you may have.

“We recently helped a family of four claim back £1170 (€1600) in compensation after they got caught up in a seven hour flight delay from Belfast.”

Any passenger who wants to know more about their passenger rights can contact the Consumer Council on 0800 121 6022 or download a copy of Plane Facts or Plain Sailing from the Consumer Council website or request a copy at the above number.