9 Complementary Therapies Available In NI To Get Excited About

THERE was once a time when complementary health was thought of as nothing but a string of old wives tales with no real substance to them.

However, in recent years, various studies and research projects- as well as first hand case study testimonials – have given credence and rise to the real health benefits of a wide range of new therapies.

As a result, the complementary health and wellbeing industry has become a thriving business full of innovative and exciting new treatments, many that have been around for thousands of years.

One company that is acknowledging this is events company Tonic Health & Wellness, owned by sound therapist Tessa Greer.

Next month Tessa and her team will be hosting one of the biggest complementary therapy and wellness events seen in Belfast at T13 in Titanic Quarter on Sunday November 8.

Here are some of the therapies you will find on offer on the day:

1. Tuina (“Twee Na”)
Practitioner Fiona Jennings says Tuina is one of the most tried and tested massage therapies in the world. As an integral part of Chinese medicine she explained that it uses “the hands to press on key points on the surface of the body”.
Fiona added: “When these points are stimulated they release tension, increase circulation and enhance the body’s natural healing process.
“Tuina is performed fully clothed, covered with a medical sheet and either seated or on a couch.”
For more information log onto www.acupunctureNI.com

Hydro-Ease Flotation Centre2. Floatation Therapy
This therapy is a favourite of celebrities such as Wayne Rooney, Elle McPherson and Jim Carrey and is also known as Restricted Environmental Stimulaton Therapy.
Practitioner Viv McKinnon explained: “It works with 25/27cm of body temp water and half a tonne of Epsom salt, with the restriction of sensory stimulation you drift off into the brain wave state theta, where, within one hour, you produce the same endorphins as 6/7 hours sleep, this allows for complete mind and body connection.
“In this state the production of lactic acid is restricted and the muscles are softened making this therapy very beneficial for everything from sports exertion to any medical complaint involving muscle stiffness/soreness.”
For more information log onto www.hydro-ease.co.uk

3. EFT/Tapping
Emotional Freedom Technique also known as EFT or Tapping is one of the fastest growing healing modalities today.
According to practitioner Adrienne McAllister it is suitable for anyone and is simple to learn.
But she added: “EFT is an extremely powerful tool to greatly reduce or eliminate stress, anxiety PTSD and all negative emotions – even physical pain or symptoms in many cases.
“Once learned it can be used on a daily basis to remove negative emotions which keep us ‘stuck’ and unable to move forward in our lives. It empowers us to find our own solutions to our problems and to fulfil our highest potential.”
For more information log onto www.adriennemcallister.co.uk.

BAM.Stock Reflexology4. Reflexology

Most people will recognise reflexology as a treatment that works on the feet, however, it can also be performed on the hands.
“Reflexology is a treatment that stimulates specific reflex points on the feet that correspond to every part of the body” said practitioner Amanda McWilliams,adding: “It works on both a physical and an emotional level. It is great for relieving stress, congestion, inflammation and tension. It can help balance hormones which makes it a useful aid in improving fertility.”
For more information log onto www.facebook.com/lotustherapies

5. Body Talk
Body Talk is a Whole Health Care Model designed to cover all aspects of your health.
Practitioner Liz Elliott explains that she doesn’t just look at the symptoms clients have been diagnosed but also emotional, physical and environmental wellbeing as well as past surgeries, past injuries and traumas.
She added: “This therapy is about re-balancing and re-booting vital energy systems such as Meridian and Chakra Energy Systems. Balancing all aspects of the organs, endocrine and body parts to communicate and work harmoniously together.
For more information log onto www.thehealthandwellbeingcompany.org

11231145_1734801983413843_5005051781054540390_n6. Sound Therapy
We all know that music and sounds can incite certain feelings and more often than not we put on our favourite song to relax us. That’s the general idea behind Sound Therapy only on a deeper level.
TONIC Festival organiser and Sound Therapist Tessa Greer explained: “It’s a form of vibrational medicine that helps to balance all aspects of your being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
“When you’re out of balance, that’s when aches, pains, illness and disease occur. So by fine tuning your system with sound, balance is restored, which in turn activates your body’s natural healing mechanisms.”
For more information log onto www.thesoundhealingspa.com

7. Rainbow Therapy
This unique therapy, according to its practitioner Sharon Bingham, uses crystals, flower essences and Metatron colour aura sprays to bring balance back to the emotional, physical and spiritual body.
She added: Rainbow Therapy works in partnership with the client to empowers them to take responsibility for their own health. I also uses a mandala oil called heart oil from humanifest Australia on the hands and feet.”
For more information log onto www.rainbowtherapiesni.com

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 14.49.508. Yoga

Yoga is used by many people to help them rediscover a serenity and synchronicity with their body.
Practitioner Claire Ferry explained: “We do this by focussing on the actions of the body, thereby calming the mind and integrating body, mind and breath. Of course this brings physical health, strength and flexibility too, and also an openness of spirit that helps you to deal with everyday life.”
For more information log onto www.claireferryyoga.net

9. Time Line Therapy
They say our experiences in life make us who we are, so, it’s no surprise that they can also have negative effects on us.
Deborah King practices Time Line Therapy which is is based on the concept that everyone has a unique internal time line where we unconsciously store our memories and projections of the future.
She explained: “It uses your time line to work with the unconscious mind in a variety of ways.
It can help you heal emotional traumas; eradicate unwanted thoughts, behaviours, negative emotions, limiting beliefs and decisions; release the effects of past negative experiences and change ‘inappropriate’ programming. “
For more information log onto www.facebook.com/DKHealthandWellbeingNI

TONIC Festival

These companies and many more will be taking part in the forthcoming TONIC Health & Wellness Festival at T13, Titanic Quarter, Belfast on Sunday November 5.

It will feature a range of health and wellbeing exhibitors, practitioners, workshops and talks.

Tickets are £5 per person (£3 concession & £12 Family ticket – 2 adults 2 kids) and available from Ticketmaster outlets nationwide, by calling 0844 277 44 55 or from www.ticketmaster.ie.

For more information about the TONIC Health & Wellness Festival log onto www.tonicwellness.co.uk, follow on Twitter @TONIC_Wellness


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