As Liz Earle Relaunches In Belfast With New Range, Tina Reveals Why She’s A Convert

PROBABLY best known for the brand’s commitment to natural products, Liz Earle recently celebrated two years at Boots in Belfast with a relaunch of their concession.

And, having had one, I have to say one of the best aspects of the relaunch for me is the wonderful hand and arm massage.

Thanks to the lovely Erin on the counter I was able to see some of the stresses and strains of the day dissipate as she used one of the new Hand Repair collection products.

orange flower hand repair 150ml

Orange Flower Hand Repair 150ml

lavender and basil hand repair 150ml

Lavender & Basil Hand Repair 150ml

rosemary and rock rose hand repair 150ml

Rosemary & Rock Rose Hand Repair 150ml

From that moment on I was convinced.

I’ve since tried a few of the products, including the hand repair, and I have to say if there’s one product I won’t be without again it’s their Superskin Face Serum which transformed my skin in one very short application.

As well as the beauty items the counter is now also stocking everything from candles to perfume and with being the most natural perfume around you can be assured it’s perfect for people with allergies.

I’ve now had a few weeks of using the Superskin Face Serum, Cleanse & Polish, Hand Repair and Botanical Essence No 20 products and as someone who doesn’t have a regularly beauty regime I have to admit, Liz Earle may have converted me.

The Cleanse & Polish product is surprisingly easy to use, it’s not messy, it doesn’t leave a residue and doesn’t dry your skin out.  For time-starved workaholic mums like myself it’s definitely the one product you shouldn’t be without.

Botanical Essence No 20

Botanical Essence No 20

Superskin Face Serum 30ml

Superskin Face Serum 30ml

The Superskin Face Serum has a beautiful velvety feel to it.  Unlike some products it it’s so oily that it leaves you feeling you have dipped yourself in a bucket of olive oil.

It’s really refreshing to put on and perfect in the morning for giving you that little kick up the behind to wake up for the day ahead.

The Superskin Concentrate For Night just feels like it’s good for you – I can’t really describe what I mean but it’s one of those products in life that you can feel absorbing into the depths of your skin.

Getting into the habit of using it is a great way of winding down before bed whilst looking after your skin.

And my favourite…the Botanical Essence No 20.  To be fair one of the reasons this is my favourite product is because on the first morning of wearing it I received a “oooohhhh, you smell nice” comment from my other half.  Nice little boost first thing in the morning.

Secondly, I am plagued by allergies and hayfever – to the extent that the wrong floral perfume on someone at the bus stop sends my sinuses into melt down.  This is the first time I’ve ever had a really feminine, flowery fragrance and not had to pay dearly for it.

All in all, I can see me being a regular visitor of the counter in Belfast.

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