Study Shows The UK’s Most Common Daydreams

THE average person in the UK spends nearly six years of their life in a daydream, a new study reveals.

A study into the ways in which people while away the hours with dreams big and small found respondents spent just over two hours per day lost in far-flung thoughts.

That equates to 799 hours per year and, when projected across the average 64 year adult lifespan, equates to more than five years and 11 months.

The research also documented our top 50 most common daydreams – winning the lottery proved the most popular, while the desire to travel or simply see more sunshine in this country regularly occupies our minds.

The daydreams study of 2,000 people found we also indulge ourselves in thoughts of owning the ultimate home, getting the ideal figure, planning future weddings and dreaming of the perfect holiday.

The research, which was commissioned by Synseal, found dreams of owning several properties at home and abroad, having the budget for home improvements or eliminating debt also proved prominent.

Saying what you really think of the boss, telling a crush you like them and finally writing a book were also named among the 50 most common daydreams for the British public.

Over a third of workers say they daydream constantly through their commute – racking up over half an hour.

And the dreaming carries on even while people are on the clock with three quarters confessing that they regularly daydream for up to an hour on paid time.

More than half of those polled regularly fantasise about improving their home- a quarter said they have identified properties in the local area they would love to own even though they are way over budget.

Hope is strong though and a third regularly buys a lottery ticket trying to get their dreams to materialise.

Although daydreaming can be enough to get by on – six in 10 said their daydreams genuinely do make them happy.

27 per cent of those polled also admitted to spending time on estate agent websites looking at properties that far exceed their budget, while having a Pinterest page or collection of pictures/websites specifically for far-fetched dreams was also common.

A spokesman for Synseal said: “The results of our insightful poll reveal that adults living right across the UK regularly indulge in a wide variety of daydreams today and the good news is that for many of us they are a source of genuine happiness!”


  1. Winning the lottery
  2. Getting to travel the world
  3. Looking forward to better weather
  4. Old childhood memories
  5. Going on a particular holiday
  6. Moving into a lovely big house
  7. Travelling to a certain country
  8. Having no debt
  9. Get rich quick schemes
  10. Making millions from some amazing idea
  11. Being able to go back in time
  12. Writing a book
  13. Having your perfect body
  14. Being able to speak different languages with ease
  15. What you’re going to have for lunch / dinner
  16. Having an unlimited budget for clothes/furniture/shoes/home improvements
  17. Landing your dream job
  18. Getting back in touch with an old friend
  19. Being a clothing size smaller, or several clothing sizes smaller
  20. Getting a massive pay rise
  21. Getting revenge on a bully or someone who has wronged you
  22. Owning a second home abroad
  23. Being treated to a surprise weekend away
  24. Family together at Christmas
  25. Being mortgage free
  26. Getting rid of your beer belly
  27. Having your ideal hair
  28. Being able to eat loads without getting fat
  29. Being able to fly
  30. Handing in your notice
  31. Being your own boss / running your own business
  32. Bumping into your ex
  33. Going freelance/starting own business
  34. Having a housekeeper / cleaner
  35. Meeting your favourite celebrity
  36. Your crush tells you they are besotted with you
  37. Living ‘back to basics’ e.g. grow own veg, solar powered house etc.
  38. Improving your home with an open-plan kitchen
  39. Owning a sports car
  40. How your house would look with different wall colours
  41. Owning several properties in the UK
  42. Telling your boss what you really think of them
  43. Getting married
  44. Getting your teeth straightened/cosmetic surgery
  45. Being a virtuoso at a musical instrument
  46. Getting a promotion
  47. Turning up at home to find someone has ‘done it all up’ for you
  48. Living in a mansion
  49. Saving someone’s life with a heroic act
  50. Having children