Wrestling Star Dunkan Disorderly Reveals How He Battled Being An Insecure, Overweight Teenager

A PERSONAL trainer has revealed how he battled being an overweight teenager to become one of Northern Ireland’s biggest wrestling stars.

Comber man Grant Davidson, 31, AKA Dunkan Disorderly may have a tough, scary exterior but underneath the father of four says he’s a big softie.

“I wasn’t bullied as such when I was younger but I was extremely self conscious and insecure about myself due to the fact I was overweight” revealed Grant.

“I was always strong and fast as a kid but I was overweight and had an awful temper.

“I’ve been a wrestling fan all my life and at 15 I saw an advert for NWA Hammerlock wrestling school in Kent and decided to save up and go. I took to it like a fish to water and went to numerous wrestling camps after, this is when I started hitting the gym to get in shape which is how I got started in the fitness industry.

Dunkan Disorderly

Dunkan Disorderly

“When I found the gym at 15 it was gave me an avenue to channel my strength and temper and get into shape for wrestling between training camps.

“At that time my body was producing lots of testosterone and I found working out helped me physically and mentally, starting training young conditioned my body from an early age and I strongly recommend teens do the same. Drug use is rife in the gym environment now more so than ever, I am proud to say I have never taken a performance enhancing drug and never will and I attribute that to starting young and being patient and consistent.”

Now a well toned, ripped Grant has become one of the country’s foremost wrestling stars and was even on the way to becoming a fully fledged WWE fighter.

However, he gave up chasing the WWE dream for his family.

He said: “I had just toured Europe with wrestling and found out I was going to be a daddy, at that point I stopped chasing the dream of going to WWE because I didn’t think I could be the kind of parent I wanted to be on the road four to five days a week.

“That’s when I decided to start my own business Zeus Fitness and channel my enthusiasm into my personal training and online fitness site.

Dunkan Disorderly | Pic Wrestling.ie

Dunkan Disorderly | Pic Wrestling.ie

“I was uncertain whether to walk away from wrestling or not but shortly after I got the call from wrestling.ie to come wrestle every weekend which was the perfect fit for me.

“It is an amazing company to wrestle for, we sell out everywhere we go, and I have got the opportunity to wrestle some amazing future superstars.”

Grant’s alter ego Dunkan Disorderly is be a force to be reckoned with having already won a number of titles including the Wrestling.ie champtionship.

But he has a confession: “Dunkan Disorderly is a tough guy who kicks ass. Grant Davison is a big wuss. I can’t sit through Toy Story 3 with the kids without crying.

“Ever since I became a dad I’ve been an emotional mess.”

Dunkan Disorderly | Pic Wrestling.ie

Dunkan Disorderly | Pic Wrestling.ie

Known on the scene as one of the hardest working wrestlers in the country Grant has built a name for himself through his dedication and commitment to the sport.

He explained: “I’m a personal trainer, I have a studio in comber and work 6.30am to 7.30pm Monday to Friday, I take fitness classes on Saturday and Sunday mornings before I set off to wrestle. I also run a fitness website called Zeus fitness. I never stop.

“I am religious about my training, at present I hit the gym at 5.30am for cardio before work and come back later for weight training if I get a half hour free at work do some strength and conditioning. My diet is pretty strict, lots of protein, green veg and limited carbohydrates. I don’t weigh my food or time my meals I just eat sensibly. But I do let my hair down at the weekend with a take-away after a wrestling show and a few red wines.

“My wife is a healthy eater so it doesn’t have a negative impact on my family, our kids usually eat different meals than us and my training is done while they are sleeping or at school or nursery so my lifestyle doesn’t hinder family time.

“We wrestle every weekend so I have to train five to six days a week constantly so I never really have to prepare for competitions as I’m constantly ring ready.”

The chubby teenager is a distant memory for Grant, he’s now a fit and healthy sportsman but admits as he gets older he’s having to take things a little easier.

Dunkan Disorderly | Pic Wrestling.ie

Dunkan Disorderly | Pic Wrestling.ie

“The hardest thing about being a wrestler is probably the injuries, I was invincible until I hit my 30’s then every bump I’ve ever taken has come back to haunt me” he said, adding: “My body shape has been pretty consistent from my late teens to present, a few injuries have forced me to train smarter, I used to lift heavy every workout but now I lift heavy when I can and work more on my conditioning not just my physical appearance.”

The competitor who has held the No Limit Heavyweight title five times, the Ulster Championship Wrestling Heavyweight title twice, the NLW and UCW titles as well as the wrestling.ie Heavyweight title twice says he’s looking forward to another good year of wrestling in 2016.

He said: “I love wrestling and will continue to wrestle until my body tells me it’s time to quit.”

And outside the ring he says there’s one thing he won’t be beaten on – his hugs.

“I give great hugs, I’m a hugger. I’m like a big dog I love cuddles and affection, I’m never happier than when I’m cuddled up on the sofa with the kids watching tv” he revealed.

Find out more about Grant’s alter ego Dunkan Disorderly at www.wrestling.ie or follow him on Facebook at ZEUS FITNESS

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