There’s Snow Way You’re Getting My Photo!

IT may be the worst kept secret in television, but HBO aren’t doing themselves any favours.

The epic Game of Thrones series supposedly killed off it’s much loved character, Jon Snow (Kit Harrington), at the end of Season 6.

While the world waits with baited breath for Season 7 in April 2016, fans have been excitedly speculating over Kit Harrington’s various appearances around Belfast, where much of the show is filmed.

Not only does the recently-released promo poster show none other than Jon Snow himself, several people have been disappointed after bumping into the star in and around Belfast city center only to be refused a selfie with him.

A 25 year old fan spotted Harrington along with his co-star Iwan Rheon (who plays Rhamsey Bolton) in a city center pub last week and told us: “He seemed to want to keep to himself. He played some pool with Iwan in the back part of the bar and then came out to the smoking area a few times.”

A source spotted Kit Harrington and Iwan Rheon in Belfast, but was denied a selfie.

A source spotted Kit Harrington and Iwan Rheon in Belfast, but was denied a selfie.

But hopes of a keepsake from Kit were instantly dashed.

She added: “I asked if it was possible to take a photo with him, but they both immediately said they had been told not to do any photographs with anyone at the moment. It was a shame, but Kit seemed quite nice and wished me and my friends a good night.”

So with random pop-ups around set locations, sightings abroad wearing full armour and a shiny new poster with his face sprawled across it…I don’t think we’ve seen the end of Jon Snow. Unless he’s just here for our great night life.

Find out next April when the 7th and final Season of Game of Thrones airs.