“Bangor Doc Saved My Tackle” Reveals Former Liverpool Star Gerrard

FORMER Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard has revealed how a Northern Ireland doctor helped repair his injured tackle.

According to the footie star his Premiership teammates laughed as Belfast born sports doc Andy Massey told him how he was going to need stitches in his penis after sustaining an “eye-watering laceration” to his privates.

In his recently released book My Story the Reds legend tells the story of how his shorts became a bloodied mess during the 2014 FA Cup final.

The sports star wrote: “The magic of the FA Cup was bloodied on the day my penis was cut and then stitched shut.

“The only surprise that Saturday, was an eye-watering laceration to my private parts.

“I couldn’t look down, obviously, but as the game continued I had a little feel. It made me wince and when I glanced down at my hand I saw the blood. I was trying to follow the game but I was thinking, ‘Oh, shit.’

“I pulled my shorts a couple of inches away from my waist and managed a sneaky check.

“My underpants were bloodied.

“My mind was racing, I was concerned that something serious had happened.

“I discreetly pulled back my underpants as well as my shorts for a longer look.

“The gash in my penis looked pretty bad, right across the middle. There was plenty of blood.

“I ran over to the touchline, straight to Brendan [Rodgers]. I also called over to Chris Morgan and Andy Massey.

Andrew Massey

Andrew Massey

“Andy, now the head doctor at Liverpool, was the Academy medic at the time, and this was his first big senior game.

“I said to Brendan, ‘Look, I’ve got a problem here…’ I nodded down to my privates.
‘There’s a big gash … it’s bleeding,’ I said.

“Chris acted quickly. He called a few of the backroom team over and they formed a little huddle so no one else could see what we were doing as I opened up my shorts. Brendan peered down, grimaced and shook his head.”

The footballer then went on to play the game against Bournemouth but didn’t have the energy to celebrate their 2-0 win in the dressing room afterwards.

“I played on. The pain wasn’t too bad – just the dull ache that follows the sharp hury of a slicing sensation when your skin first gets cut open” he said, adding: “I was with Andy Massey. All the lads were falling about laughing. We had won, the atmosphere was good and they thought it was hilarious. I got zero sympathy from any of the lads.

“Andy made it clear that it would need to be stitched.

“The lads were absolutely pissing themselves now and you can imagine how many jokes about inches and stitches, penis size and my future performances at home with Alex. I might have smiled but I could have throttled the lot of them.

“A bunch of footballers are the last people you want discussing the state of your sliced penis.”

StevenGerrardMyStory_largeFormer Northern Ireland team doctor Andy cleared a room at Dean Court – Bournemouth’s home ground – and set about stitching the midfielder’s crown jewels back together.

Praising Andy’s work Steven said in his book: “Doc Massey spoke to a few people and the room cleared. I took off my shorts and underpants and had one last look. Ouch. I hoped I wasn’t saying goodbye to an old friend.

“I got a jab first and then, careful not to look at what he was doing, I could tell he wasn’t feeling too comfortable about it either. He’d already had to staple Skrtel’s head and now he was repairing my penis. Doc Massey must have wished that he could have stayed at home treating the Academy kids’ cuts and bruises.

“I didn’t talk much, though. I wanted him fully concentrated. He did a good job. I felt no pain as he put in the stitches – four as he had predicted – and I walked back into the dressing room.”

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