1 In 3 Christmas Stockings Are Set To Contain The Traditional Clementine This Year

RESEARCH conducted by insurer AXA reveals that traditional stocking fillers such as clementines and chocolate coins are a more popular choice over iPads and iPods.

• The most popular gift is chocolate, with 64 per cent of children and 37 per cent for adults to receive it in their stocking.
• The average spend on own stocking this Christmas is £78.40.
• Just under one third (29 per cent) of partners can expect socks in their stockings this year.
• Two per cent of partners, children and grandchildren to receive coal in their stocking.
• Bah humbug! 16 per cent of people surveyed plan not to give anyone stockings this Christmas.

New research has revealed that traditional stocking fillers are leading in popularity over
technological ones this Christmas. One in three children and/or grandchildren can expect to find a clementine at the bottom of their stocking and two out of three children and/or grandchildren will receive chocolate (64 per cent) and chocolate coins (37 per cent).

However, two per cent have made their way onto the naughty list and will get coal this Christmas. Only 10 per cent of children and/or grandchildren can expect a video or computer game, three per cent can expect an iPod, and just two per cent a kindle or iPad.

The research has also shown that half of those surveyed (51 per cent) said they would get their partner a stocking this Christmas. The most popular gifts are chocolate (37 per cent), pairs of socks (29 per cent), perfume (27 per cent) and books (20 per cent). Two per cent of partners will receive coal in their stocking this year.

The traditional trend continues in partner’s stockings with just five per cent being given video or computer games, two per cent being given iPods and 2 per cent being given an iPad or kindle.

James Barclay, Head of Product Management at AXA Insurance UK plc, commented on the research findings: “It is reassuring to see that despite all the fancy new technology out there, traditional stocking fillers such as clementines and other little things still mean a lot and are popular gifts come Christmas time. Our research also shows that it isn’t just children who can expect a stocking this year.”

The most expensive stockings this year will be received by children and/or grandchildren, closely followed by partners. Pets will receive the least expensive stocking this Christmas.

• Children and/or grandchildren’s stocking average spend per stocking: £96.10
• Partner’s stocking average spend per stocking: £83.80
• Own stocking average spend per stocking: £78.40
• Pet’s stocking average spend per stocking: £11.45

Our research shows that the most wanted stocking fillers are chocolate (36 per cent), closely followed by money (35 per cent) and perfume or aftershave (32 per cent).

Top ten most wanted gifts

1. Chocolate 36 per cent
2. Money 35 per cent
3. Perfume or aftershave 32 per cent
4. Clothes or shoes 28 per cent
5. Books 24 per cent
6. Jewellery 22 per cent
7. Make up and beauty items 19 per cent
8. Alcohol 17 per cent
9. Toiletries 15 per cent
10. Smart phone or mobile 14 per cent