Hennessy Connoisseurs Say Cheers To 250 Years With Final Anniversary Celebration

DILLON Bass, owners of the Hennessy brand in Northern Ireland welcomed invited guests to Sixty6, Belfast in December to mark the culmination of the Hennessy 250th anniversary celebrations.

The event marked the end of a memorable year of celebrations including the launch of the prestigious Hennessy Connoisseurs Challenge, which uncovered the movers and shakers of Northern Ireland’s cocktail scene and offered a career defining training opportunity with the world’s most famous Cognac brand.

The exclusive Hennessy event was attended by invited guests of Dillon Bass including the Hennessy Connoisseurs, finalists from the competition, leading members of the Northern Ireland’s Hospitality industry and media.

For further information on Hennessy NI and the Connoisseur Challenge, visit www.dillonbass.co.uk or visit @HennessyNI on Facebook and Twitter.