Top 20 Signs You’re A Mum

CONSTANTLY being in a rush, looking tired, and spending your life thinking about food and what to cook are the key signs of being a mum, says a new study.

Thinking about what to cook can stress mums out

Thinking about what to cook can stress mums out

Researchers polled 2,000 British mums and found that other common traits include going out shopping for the day and only returning with stuff for the children, panicking about a late night and crying at everything to do with the kids.


Rebecca Miah from Red Tractor Beef and Lamb said: “We conducted this light hearted research to show how special mums are, and to illustrate that all parents are in the same boat, a really busy one!

“We know this is because many British mothers juggle childcare with a job, house work and a multitude of other tasks. What is interesting is how often mums spend thinking about food, cooking, and shopping for groceries – it’s a huge part of the planning that goes into raising children.

“This is why we’ve introduced quick and easy ‘short cut’ mini roasts – small joints which can be popped in the oven, which means even if mums are feeling a bit bedraggled they can still serve up a nutritious filling meal, before taking themselves off to bed at 9pm!”



Top 20 Signs Of Being A Mum:

1. You’re always in a rush
2.You constantly look tired
3.You spend your entire time thinking about food and what to cook
4.You go out shopping for the day and only return with stuff for the children
5.Always leaving the house with three bags instead of one
6.You have permanent bags under your eyes
7.You cry at everything related to children
8.Start going to bed at 9pm every night
9.You look like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards
10.You no longer celebrate your own achievements on Facebook, only those of your child
11.Finding bigger pants are more comfortable
12.You panic about a late night
13.Forgetting what is in fashion
14.Other work colleagues seem so young
15.Getting drunk on one glass of wine
16.Suddenly a people carrier seems like a good idea
17.You learn to get up early with a hangover
18.You get excited by the weekly food shop
19.Finding conversations about toilet habits hilarious
20.You rely on programmes such as This Morning and Loose Women for tips on motherhood

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