14 Fantastic Alternatives That Add A Little Colour & Flavour To Your Lunchbox

WHEN it comes to bringing a lunch there are a ton of reasons why we continue to opt for the boring old sandwich, packet of crisps and a chocolate bar.

And by mid-afternoon not only are we on a downer from the chunk of bread but we’re probably on a sugar come down as well…

So…taking some inspiration from some – I admit annoying – YouTubers, here are a few ideas of what else you could do to inject some life into your tired old lunchbox.

14 Super Lunch Ideas From 3 YouTubers:

5 Healthy & Affordable Lunch Ideas

I have to apologise in advance, this kid is super annoying, but she does have some good ideas. I especially like her wee jar.

5 DIY Lunch Ideas

Again this YouTube video is brought to you by some over-excited teens. However, underneath the thumbs up and incessant bouncing around there are some nifty ideas…and although they seem obvious ideas – the truth is, how many of us have bothered trying them?

4 Healthy Lunch Ideas

A great mix of recipes/ideas which show us a few cheats for having sandwiches with no bread and a great pasta meal without the excess carbs.

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