Do You Have An Embarrassing Child?

THE average child will embarrass their mum and dad a staggering 576 times during their school years.

Kids making inappropriate comments, repeating swear words and commenting on their parents’ size will lead to frequent red faces.

A survey of 2,000 parents by George at Asda earlier this year revealed some awful moment for parents: 

1. A little girl who told the doctor “mummy takes medicine too – it’s called Malibu”

2. A child pointing at a neighbour in the street and announcing loudly “there’s that strange woman you don’t like”

3. A plain-speaking tot who warned her grandparents “you’re going to die soon”

4. A youngster telling her neighbours “mummy doesn’t like your new windows”

5. A little boy who answered the call of nature in a display toilet in a busy home improvement store

6. One mum was left red-faced when she re-used an unwanted gift for her child’s friend – only for her nipper to shout “that’s mine” when it was opened

7.  One child was fascinated by an old lady with a headscarf and shouted:  “Mummy, why is that monkey wearing a hat?”

One mum, Fran Roost, told how an off-the-cuff remark about the birds and the bees with her five-year-old daughter Darcie came back to bite her.

She said: “She asked me how babies got in mummies tummies and I said ‘it happens when you eat too many Polos. The next day we saw a pregnant lady at a bus stop.  Darcie walked up to her and said ‘I know what you’ve been doing’.”

Embarrassing-Kids-PicA spokesman for Kidswear at George, which carried out the study to promote their back-to-school range, said: “While parents are regularly being left red-faced by their children, the chances are they are left with funny memories. Parenting doesn’t come without challenges but they always leave a lasting memory to reminisce on years down the line.”

Four in 10 parents suggest the best remedy for getting out of a humiliating situation involving their kids is to just ignore them while one third opt for giving their offspring a telling off.

The spokesman from George added: “We completely understand that many parents would want the ground to swallow them up when their child is acting up in public.

“Our back to school range offers cost-effective solutions for parents who are looking for a wide range of products at affordable prices, without forgoing quality. We’re hoping that’s one less thing for parents to worry about when another embarrassing situation looms.”

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