How To Get Your Teen’s Bedroom To Smell Nicer

PARENTS of teenagers only see them for three hours in every 24 hour period, according to new research.

Pringles Candles conducted the study of 1,000 parents and teenagers and discovered that a third of parents say there are some days when their teenager doesn’t leave the comfort of their room in an entire 24 hour period.

SWNS_MESSY_ROOM_02-750x501Four out of five teenagers will only see their parents to ask for food and around a third only surface if they have a pile of washing which needs doing.

A spokesman for Pringles Candles said: “By the age of 13, youngsters will want to house themselves in their bedroom for a few hours for a bit of quiet time

“But if mums and dads aren’t allowed in to clean, the room is going to develop a recognisable musty smell – particularly if the teenagers haven’t been sensible enough to clear out their dirty sports kits and other worn clothes.”

Researchers found a teenager’s bedroom most commonly reeks of sweat, stinky old trainers, aftershave or perfume, worn clothes and mouldy dishes and that’s no surprise as the study found the average teenage boy’s bedroom contains one pair of smelly trainers under the bed, one dirty sports kit and two pairs of worn socks.


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The spokesman added: “That’s why we’ve launched the Pringles Scented Candle – the perfect gift to mask the odours that lurk within the average teenage bedroom.

“They come in BBQ, Cheese and Pigs in Blankets flavours, and while they don’t give off the heavenly smells of nutmeg and lavender, they’re better than sweaty trainers.”

As a quarter of parents say it does get to the point when they can’t even see the floor of their child’s room the clean up job can seem overwhelming. One in five parents admitted they never clean their teenager’s bedroom and if they suggest their son or daughter gets out the duster or vacuum cleaner one in three will grunt unenthusiastically, a quarter will sulk and one in 10 will ask for pocket money in return. With that in mind, scented candles may come in handy.



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