Want To Find A Zest For Life This Spring, Here’s How

IN the New Year many people are trying to reinvent themselves and improve their lives in some form, with the most obvious and important aspect being their health. While dry January and other detoxes can leave you feeling healthier and happier in a physical sense, self-development courses can give provide the mental and emotional boost to maintain the new you.

XT72K3MS5LAllonus’ Zest of Life programme is running workshops across February to teach self-progression to anyone and everyone.

A two-day course called Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing (DILH) is set to relax and de-stress individuals by helping to negate negativity. The process of rebalancing spiritual, physical, mental and emotional issues will be taught to individuals as a form of healing training.

This workshop is the foundation level of a five-part Aquarian age progression course which incorporates internal connections to Christ Conciousness and Solar Skills. By doing so, the workshop aims to open the second heart chakra, the ‘sacred heart’, to expand the giving and receiving of love.

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In addition, a five-day workshop titled SECRETS of Life (SoL) will provide a new approach to self-development using daily emotional detoxing, also known as clearing. The event aims to unravel how and why people suffer and help them to discover hidden depths about themselves, which in turn will enhance new lifestyles with the teaching of how to avoid the pitfalls of life.

Read some testimonials here.

Joy Wisdom

Joy Wisdom

Joy Wisdom, founder of Allonus’ ‘ZEST of Life’ Programme, specialises in psychological issues as well as women’s and children’s health.

She said: “Secrets of Life has been described as a university programme in six days, a blend of spiritual and radical out of the box thinking and educational package.”

“We very often do not live our own life as it was meant to be, we are influenced via others an live their interpretation of life. The Secrets of Life programme releases hindrances and barriers for each individual and shows how to create the life we want to live and leave the past behind. It is filled with preventative tips and skills for a life of grace and ease.”

The Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing workshop is taking place 10am – 5pm on 13th and 14th February 2016 at Canal Court Hotel, Newry. For more information log onto: www.allonus.co.uk/index.php/allonus-courses/light-healing

The SECRETS of Life event is taking place 10am – 5:30pm on 15th – 20th February 2016 at Canal Court Hotel, Newry. For more information log onto: www.allonus.co.uk/index.php/allonus-courses/secrets-of-life

Attendees to both events are advised to bring a pillow and blanket.

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