The Scandal Of The £5M PACE Trial For ME: What Can Be Done?

Over 11,000 ME/CFS patients have signed a petition calling for an independent review of the PACE Trial.

The PACE Trial is a £5 million study promoting the view that ME/CFS patients can recover if they increase their physical activity, claiming that “fear of activity” has fierce negative impact on patients. However, there’s plenty of evidence suggesting otherwise.

Dr Ronald Davis of Stanford University said: “I’m shocked that the Lancet published it… The PACE study has so many flaws and there are so many questions you’d want to ask that I don’t understand how it got through any kind of peer review.”

Even worse, the PACE study is claimed to have negative impact on the way patients are perceived by society and treated in medical practice.

11667259_924733337568421_4866345720763943901_nJo-Anne Dobson MLA is set to join Hope 4 Me & Fibro Northern Ireland in an event titled: The Scandal Of The £5M PACE Trial For ME: What Can Be Done? This exciting presentation, delivered by James C. Coyne PhD, will discuss opposition towards the trial and involve a question and answer session.

James C. Coyne is a professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania whose main principle of research has been the coping process in cancer patients  and the testing of interventions aimed at affecting these individuals’ wellbeing. He is known for delivering lively lectures that combine science with insight and tenacity.

James has previously criticised positive psychology research that claims a correlation between positive thinking and the progression of cancer and advocates good science and ethical conduct towards patients.

James C. Coyne

James C. Coyne

He described himself as: “Irreverent socially concious Clinical Health Psychologist sceptical about hype and hokum in science and medicine and their media representations.”

James and Hope 4 ME & Fibro Northern Ireland are hoping to advocate the importance of science and scientific accuracy when it comes to patient care at this moving and enlightening event.

The professional event is taking place at Stormont Buildings Room 115 on Tuesday 9 February 2016 at 6:30pm.

The open event is taking place at Belfast Castle on Saturday 7 February 2016 3 – 5pm

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