The Cannabis Debate – Why Should We Legalise It In The UK?

THE debate on the legalisation of cannabis has raged on social media in recent years, but what would the benefits be to the people of the UK if it was legalised?  BAM writer Christian Walker asks why we should legalise it in the UK.

 Later this year popular television soap Coronation Street is set to explore the topic of medicinal cannabis use, which is currently still illegal in the UK. With an increasing interest in healthier living, many people are now moving away from pharmaceutical drugs and returning to natural medicine.

natural-remedy-c-1327831So what would cannabis legislation mean for the UK?

£200 million a year could be saved in policing and court costs which was revealed in a study by the Liberal Democrats that was leaked to the BBC.

The study also showed that it would bring in £9 million in tax plus the creation of 10,000 jobs. With extensive cuts to the education system and the NHS, this income would be of great benefit to these institutions.

 The plant could also make a real change to British peoples’ health as a different treatment method. Doctors in numerous countries around the world prescribe cannabis for pain, anxiety, insomnia and epilepsy.

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It has been suggested that medicinal use of the plant could be the healthier and more beneficial treatment option for kids as well. The following clip from the documentary ‘The Culture High’ shows a father’s experience of treating his son with medical marijuana.

Hemp also comes from the Cannabis sativa plant, and has numerous uses including clothing and construction, oils and topical ointments and nutritional benefits.

One acre of hemp can create as much fibre as 3 acres of cotton and is stronger, softer, can last twice a long and won’t mildew. Cotton needs more water and a moderate climate to grow while hemp is frost tolerant and only requires water.

Hemp can also last longer with out degrading and can be recycled many more times than cotton. The same is true for paper – one acre of hemp can produce the same amount of paper as 4 acres of trees and in a fraction of the time.

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 In 2015, an online petition urging the government to consider cannabis legislation reached 125,000 signatures in just four days.

hemp-ladybird-1497991Many believe that legislation of the plant, which has been used by humans for over 4000 years until it was criminalised in 1925, would mean massive benefits to numerous aspects of UK society including greater quality control through regulation.

Jailing people for possession of this natural substance can also be viewed as a great injustice and a waste of important resources.

Can our government really justify criminalising this plant with such benefits in mind? Other countries across the world are moving forward with medicinal cannabis legislation and have proven the positive effects of such a decision. Only time will tell if the UK are to follow in their footsteps.

Additional reporting & editing by Abby Williams