Game of Thrones: The Battle Is On…Banner Teasers Released For Season 6

Winter is coming…and the battle for the Iron Throne just got a whole lot more exciting.

With the release of three new House Banner teasers, Game of Thrones producers have been toying with us left right and centre and leaving all options open.

How many lives will Season 6 take?

Targaryen Battle Banner Tease

There’s plenty of fan theories about this Targaryen Battle Banner teaser.

But what we do know is Daenerys has dragons, and having dragons is a pretty big deal.

It means she has a good shot at taking the Iron Throne with Fire and Blood.

Although I doubt it’s going to be as straight forward as that…this scandalous tease of a trailer only confuses things further. Damn you, HBO.

Lannister Battle Banner Tease

The Lannisters have held the Iron Throne for too long…but will their recent conflicts make them all the more determined?

The new Lannister Battle Banner teaser suggests that the fight isn’t over.

We’ve watched the family be torn apart over the last few seasons yet their power is still a force to be reckoned with.

And of course we’re all desperate to see how Cersai’s revenge plays out after her treatment by the High Sparrow…


Stark Battle Banner Tease

We all have a soft spot for House Stark, ever since Ned’s head was brutally chopped off and the family dispersed in the chaos thereafter.

But all is not lost.

Hope remains for the Stark clan in the form of Bran and it looks like they could be key players in the Game…

Check out the awesome Stark Battle Banner teaser and get psyched for Season 6.

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