5 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Northern Irish Woman

A few traits distinguish many NI girls from others across the water. Take note if you’re planning on dating a girl from our wee country…

1. You’re Guaranteed The Craic

If there’s one thing Northern Irish girls are good for, it’s the craic. We are fun-loving by nature and even if we sometimes don’t know our limits, you can be sure you won’t get bored when in our company.

Although our humour can be dark and even a little crude, it’s meant well. As long as you’re not too easily offended.


2. You’ll Spend A Lot Of Time Scrubbing Fake Tan Off Your Clothes

NI weather is not our friend and it does not make for olive-skinned Goddesses. Northern Irish girls love their tan, perhaps a little too much, so caution is advised. We haven’t yet quite got the hang of the whole ‘less is more’ thing, but we’re working on it.

giphy (1)If things go well, you risk ruined shirt collars and orange-streaked sheets. You’ve been warned.

3. Her Family And Friends Are Everything

Northern Irish Women are a bit like caramel chocolates, and not just when it comes to the shade of their foundation. They can be hard on the outside but soft and gooey underneath. This is usually obvious when it comes to family and friends, to whom they are usually fiercely loyal.

As long as you stay on their good side you can expect the same. But if you tick off her older brother, expect to face the wrath of the whole clan.

4. She Can Drink You Under The Table

Women here in NI can drink as good as the next man. They aren’t afraid to down pints, and can finish a bottle of wine and still have room for a cocktail.

They might get a bit (or a lot) louder and their Norn Iron accent will get broader. But you can spend the whole night out and there’s no such thing as ‘a quiet few’.

giphy (2)5. She Loves Primark, Festivals And A Good Crisp Sandwich

Not necessarily in that order. We’re nothing if not traditional in Northern Ireland, and weekly trips to Primark for your dirt cheap tank tops and frilly underwear are standard routine.

We also love summer festivals and any excuse for ‘taps aff’. Any hint of the orange ball in the sky and you can be sure the girls will be out in full force savouring every last ray, Primark bikinis and all.

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