Jessikah Hope Stenson Releases A Single Drop Of Perfect & Other Stories

Author, Jessikah Hope Stenson

Author, Jessikah Hope Stenson

Birmingham author Jessikah Hope Stenson has released her debut collection of short stories titled A Single Drop Of Perfect & Other Stories, now available exclusively to Amazon.

The five short stories cover everything from family and friendship to love. Published by Excalibur Press the stories are heart-warming and thought-provoking pieces which will leave you craving for more.

Jessikah said: “These stories have personal roots but have since taken on a life of their own.

“The Lemon And The Lake is about thanatophobia [fear of death], something I believe I have been struggling with for years and is an undiscussed but common issue in today’s society.

“I hope that people reading that story will understand more about how life-consuming thanatophobia can be and if they suffer from it – they are not alone.”

Kindle unlimited readers can access the book for free and physical copies of the book can also be purchased from Amazon.

So far Jessikah has peaked at #3 in the Contemporary Fiction: Short Stories category (just behind Sophie Kinsella – author of Confessions Of A Shopaholic) and #6 in the Short Stories: Women’s Fiction category for free Amazon books.

For more information on how to buy A Single Drop Of Perfect log onto or get your copy on Amazon HERE.  Connect with author Jessikah on Facebook HERE


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