Game of Thrones: Actress Maisie Williams Hints At Possible Plotlines For Character Arya In Season 6

Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams has sparked rumours that her character Arya Stark could either regain sight or become a “real badass assassin”.

GOT_MP_090315_0035Maisie’s character Arya is best known in Game of Thrones for being the youngest daughter of the late Ned Stark, who was beheaded by the Lannisters.

In season 5 she lost her sight after going against the Many Faced God’s instructions and brutally murdering Meryn Trant .

But now the actress has sparked rumours of some possible big storylines for the quick-witted tomboy.

“Arya should kill more people in the new season. But I don’t know if they should be from her list,” she told, adding: “She should be given a second chance and take this training more seriously.

“I hope that her sight comes back, but if not, I think she should become a real badass assassin without sight.

“She’d be one of those people where you think they’re the underdog and then all of a sudden they’re an amazing killer.”

I doubt this is the last we’ve seen of Arya, despite the setback in her training. Only time will tell if she ticks everyone off her kill-list!

Game of Thrones Season 6 begins April 24 on Sky Atlantic

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