Game Of Thrones: Kit Harington Reveals Jon Snow IS Dead On Jonathan Ross Show

Game of Throne’s actor Kit Harington appeared on the Jonathan Ross show last night (April 2) and was literally shocked into revealing the show’s secrets.

Kit, who plays Jon Snow, had to place his hand in ‘The Stone Of Truth’ where he was electrically shocked by the presenter every time he gave an unsatisfactory answer.

Poor guy, he just can’t catch a break…although it did make for hilarious viewing. During the interrogation Jonathan asked if Jon Snow was actually dead and if so, would he return as a White Walker. While Kit was insistent that he only returned to filming in Belfast to play Jon’s corpse, fans have not given up hope that the show favourite will return to our screens.

Question: Is he keeping his hairstyle long and Jon Snow-esque due to a continuing GoT contract, or is it just to keep us guessing? The scoundrels! 

Throne’s producers were keen to stress to Entertainment Weekly that the upcoming Season 6 (Sky, April 24) will be ‘the best one yet’.

Given Kit’s answers, it looks like we really might have to start the grieving process.

Watch the Jonathan Ross Show clip below.

Is Jon Snow Dead? Kit Harington Lie Detector Test – The Jonath…Kit Harington tells the truth about Jon Snow’s fate #TheJRShow

Posted by The Jonathan Ross Show on Saturday, April 2, 2016

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