Is This Northern Ireland’s Favourite Veda Bread?


The people of Northern Ireland have spoken (and eaten), voting Sunblest Northern Ireland’s tastiest Veda brand in a blind taste test.

Sunblest Veda was named best-tasting by a whopping 60% of respondents, versus Irwin’s with 39%.

The taste test also revealed our Veda-eating habits and it seems that our country’s much-loved malt loaf is causing quite the culinary stir sparking a great Veda debate, with the people of Northern Ireland split over their preferred way to enjoy Veda.

Those who prefer to toast Veda just pipped the post (55%), vs those in the untoasted camp. When it came to sliced vs unsliced, the results were similar: with the self-slicers just winning out with over half (55%) vs those who prefer to pick up a pre-sliced loaf in the bread aisle.

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Interestingly, the country is split three ways in terms of the time of day we prefer to eat Veda: breakfasters account for 40%, while those who enjoy it in their packed lunch make up 38% and those who are remaining like to have it for supper before slipping into a slumber.

Then came the toppings debate…while most of the province enjoy Veda with plain old butter or margarine (90%), some push the boat out, melting cheese on top (63%). A select few of the taste test respondents confessed to putting weird and wonderful ingredients atop their Veda such as pickle and chocolate bars (though not together!), others favoured ‘posh toppings’ such as smoked salmon or olive oil.

No matter how we choose to enjoy our Veda, when we slice the truth down, one clear result came from the blind taste test – Sunblest Veda trumps its competitor when it comes to taste. The preference was most marked in the 45-64 year age bracket – almost three quarters (74%) preferred Sunblest over others.

When the blindfold was removed, 65% indicated that Sunblest Veda was their preferred option in the bread aisle (versus 24% who named Irwin’s). Trust, value and quality were named the top reasons why shoppers chose Sunblest. A whopping 85% of respondents stated that Sunblest was a brand they could trust, and 71% feel that it is good value for money and 77% stated that Sunblest consistently offered high quality products.

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