Game Of Thrones: Season 6 Airs With A Very Dead Jon Snow

On Sunday night the wait was finally over as the first episode of Game of Thrones Season 6 aired on HBO.

ep51-ss02-1280I, for one, felt like a kid on Christmas morning. Except it’s going to happen every week with battles, sex and dragons (not strictly in that order). Yes, Game of Thrones is officially better than Christmas.

Episode 1 thankfully dived straight in with the Jon Snow storyline and fans were eager to see if he would somehow be still alive. But, although I hate to admit it, it looks like we might actually have to start the grieving process for our favourite Lord Commander.

While Davos and a select few brothers of the Night’s Watch are now out for revenge on those who murdered Jon it’s not looking good for fan theorists hoping for a resurrection-warg-comeback situation. He looked pretty dead to me…

On the upside Brienne of Tarth finally got to pledge her sword to Sansa Stark after saving her and Theon from Ramsay’s hounds in the woods. This is great news for the Key to the North and I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of her in the coming episodes. Possibly even some sort of revenge on that scoundrel Ramsay? Please.

ep51-ss09-1280Meanwhile Myrcella’s body was returned to King’s Landing and for perhaps the first time we saw a truly vulnerable Cersei. The prophecy of her children’s death means Tommen will most likely be next, but it will be nice to see her start causing havoc again against those who have wronged her.

Speaking of which those feisty Dornish Sand Snakes are becoming real bad-asses, killing off the Prince and promising that Dorne will never be ruled by ‘weak men’ again. Yikes.

Poor Daenery’s isn’t having a great time of it after being captured by a Dothraki horde. On the one hand she avoids being raped once she tells them she was once Khal Drogo’s wife…on the other she’s been told she’ll live out her days in grim isolation with the other widows of dead Khals. Somehow I don’t see that happening for long, but where’s Drogon when you need him?

ep51-ss07-1280It also looks like Arya’s training will continue but it won’t be easy, what with being blind and all.

But the shock moment of the episode was of course the final scene with the Red Woman. Looking unusually sheepish she got her kit off (as usual), removed her necklace and revealed herself to actually be an extremely old, haggard woman.

It seems this magic piece of jewellery has been keeping her young and good-looking…They should definitely start selling it as an anti-wrinkle product.

If you haven’t seen it yet, enjoy this clip of Sansa and Theon running for their lives.

Catch next week’s episode at 9pm Sunday 1 May on HBO. #WinterIsHere #ThroneWatch

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