Game Of Thrones: The Jon Snow Question Is Finally Answered

This weekend Game of Thrones fans were finally rewarded after months of torment and suspense when the Jon Snow question was answered in the second episode of Season 6, “Home”.

And it was as magnificent as we dared to have hoped.

Thanks to the Red Woman, a weird ritual of blood magic and lots of willful expressions, Jon Snow was resurrected in the final scene. Praise be to Melisandre!


Oddly enough, this episode was an extremely positive one in Game of Thrones terms. Not only was our favourite Lord Commander brought back to life but we saw the death of three much-loathed villains, Baylon Greyjoy, Ser Alliser Thorne and Lord Bolton.

Having said that, we also saw Ramsay Bolton’s psychopathic tendencies reach new levels of wrongness in the form of baby murder. He really will go to any lengths to be a total ****.

And while Daenerys is still stuck somewhere in oblivion with the Dothrakis, Tyrion shared a heartwarming, albeit terrifying, moment with the dragons.

It’s all coming together rather nicely really. But caution is always advised when it comes to GoT…when you think things are going well, a Red Wedding-esque disaster is usually on the horizon. Be forever on your guard.

In the meantime, check out Kit Harington’s heartfelt apology for fibbing to everyone about the fate of his character.

Never worry, Kit. All is forgiven.

Stay tuned for the next episode “Oathbreaker” on Sunday 8 May on HBO.

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