Recipe: Proper Burgers As They Were Meant To Be

With National BBQ Week coming up at the end of the month we’ve teamed up with the guys at Hillmount nurseries to bring you a recipe for proper burgers “as they were meant to be”.

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Recipe – Proper Burgers

These delicious burgers do not require pin point accurate quantities and can include ingredients to suit your taste.

Good quality minced beef
Bread crumbs
A medium onion finely chopped
Two medium egg beaten
Salt and freshly ground pepper

Now for your own choice:
Ginger, garlic either chopped finely or grated
Fresh chilli (red) chopped finely or dried chillies
Table spoon of horseradish sauce or mustard
Tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce

All above, ingredients can be increased depending on quantity of burgers

All above own choice ingredients can be used or left out depending on your own personal taste


Fry onions in a little olive oil, until soft and translucent. Set aside to cool.
With your hands separate the mince thoroughly in a mixing bowl

Add all the ingredients or just those you have decided to suit your own taste and mix well

Lift a handful of the mixture (approx the size of a small snowball) and form into a round ball. Place on cutting board and flatten and using your hands create a disc shape approx ½” to 1” thick (make all burgers the same thickness)

Repeat for all the remaining mixture

With your fingers press a small hollow in the middle of each burger – this helps them hold together when cooking

When cooking, do not press burgers flat to removes juices

BBQ burgers over direct heat for 5 mins per side with lid closed and then place them in an area where there is no direct heat ie no charcoal or gas burning below this area. Leave for a few minutes depending on thickness. Cut one halfway through to check thoroughly cooked and serve in a bun dressed to your liking with a Weber BBQ sauce.


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