And Now His Watch Has Ended: Game Of Thrones Doesn’t Need Gore To Shock

Sunday night saw the third episode of Game of Thrones Season 6 Oathbreaker air on HBO, and while many would say it lacked its usual level of violent action it still managed to hit fans right in the feels.

ep53-ss03-1280I would personally call it a forward-moving episode, one that delves deeper into the characters and carries the plot forward without the need for excess blood, guts or shock revelations. Plus, it keeps us wanting more.

That’s not to say Oathbreaker was dull in any sense of the word. We saw the newly resurrected Jon Snow hang the men, and one stubborn little brat, for attempting to murder him. (Is it attempted murder if the victim comes back to life? I’m not sure.) Arya also took another beating and Bran witnessed Jaime Lannister stabbing King Aerys Targaryen in the back in one of his warg flashback-trips.

But the real juicy bits were scenes without swords. The Many Faced God finally broke down Arya into, well, nothing. A girl is now no one and she was rewarded by regaining her sight, which is great because it sucked seeing our favourite bad-ass so helpless and vulnerable.

ep53-ss05-1280Interestingly, King Tommen had somewhat of a heart to heart with the High Sparrow and the question of his incestuous parentage was hinted at. Could he be beginning to lose faith in his Mother?

That would almost certainly signal the end of the Lannisters…

Fans were also thrilled to see the return of Rickon Stark and Osha…until they realised it was because they’d been captured by Ramsay Bolton.

There really is no telling what sadistic things Ramsay will do, especially since he is absolutely hopping after Sansa and Theon’s escape. There best be some sort of rescue mission before he gets he’s creepy mits on either of them.

ep53-ss08-1280What really turned the tables, however, was the closing scene of the episode where Jon Snow walked away from the Night’s Watch.

It’s clear death has changed Jon and he has new plans after leaving his Brother’s in the Watch. Our beloved character may have been resurrected, but at what cost?

Game of Thrones producers managed to balance shock, revelation and substance in the third episode of the new season, and there’s no doubt we’ll be watching again next week.

Stay tuned for the fourth episode of Season 6, Book Of The Stranger, on HBO on Sunday 15 May at 9pm. #ThroneWatch 

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