When It Comes To Unconditional Love, Does Fifi Have The Answer?

Shelley Leitch - Love, Lies Labels

Recently while dog sitting the cutest dog I have ever met in my life for a friend, I got to thinking about unconditional love and what it means when it’s with an animal.

Shelley Leitch - Love, Lies Labels

Shelley Leitch and little Fifi

As little Fifi’s second Mummy I watch her licking places that just isn’t right and I think to myself there is nothing I wouldn’t do for this little girl.

She barks at times my head is splitting the tree’s, she wants to pee every time I’m in the middle of doing something important and she not only refuses to sleep anywhere else but my bed no matter how much I have tried, she sleeps with her butt in my face and farts all night long but I wouldn’t change her for the world.

The amount of love I receive from her in return is just as huge.  I shout sometimes when I’m in a bad mood, I refuse her ‘wets’ (toilet time outside) because I know she’s playing me just to get more treats especially if we have only come back from being out five minutes beforehand, I bath her loads which she loathes and I have to leave her for hours during the day when I go to work to earn a living.

Through all that even if we have had a little shouting/barking incident that morning, when I return from work I am greeted with kisses and cuddles from my baby girl.

Everything is forgotten about and it’s just a pure show of love, appreciation and attention.

Sure we all have unconditional love towards family but with family we can hold grudges for months, even years.

With a dog it can’t ever last but then again what can a dog really do that is that bad? Eat your favourite Louboutins? Luckily my Fifi isn’t a shoe girl. She prefers cat food – yes CAT FOOD!

Every second with Fifi makes me super happy. I used to be one of those people who rolled my eyes when I heard others go on about their pets. It bored me so much because I never got it, now I GET IT.

While in my care, Fifi took ill and I had to take her to the vet two days in a row. I wasn’t only scared of what my friend would say about it but I was worried sick about Fifi.

I found myself waking in the night to feel her tummy to make sure she was still breathing. Talk about over reacting but I honestly felt my baby was in a terrible way, at deaths door. This deaths door I talk of was in fact a little tummy bug but I will never forget how badly I took it and I just wanted her to get better and fast. Antibiotic taking time was another palava in my house.

So while I continue on my quest for my Mr Big, Mr Right or Mr You’ll-do-for-now, I will continue to love and be loved by my doggy daughter.

Unconditional love with an animal doesn’t judge, doesn’t ask, doesn’t leave you and all it needs is your love in return.

Shelley Leitch - Love, Lies Labels