9 Signs It’s Definitely Exam Season

It’s almost that time again. The weather gets warmer and it feels like everyone on the planet is having fun in the sun while you’re stuck inside studying.

college-1440364Never fear, you are not alone. On the scale of things, exams aren’t really the be-all-and-end-all of your life’s dreams despite what your tutors may tell you.

That may not do much to soothe your anxieties at this awful time…but sure, it’s all good craic.

1. You Wake Up Each Morning With A Sense Of Impending Doom

You know that wonderful moment when you first wake up and you have no memory of all the work you have to do? Yeah, that’s quickly replaced by stomach-churning panic and an intense urge to groan in agony.

This feeling doesn’t really go away…but by the time you reach 25 (ish) you’ll start getting used to it. Sort of.

giphy2. Coffee And Energy Drinks Are Your New Best Friends

When you leave your studying to the last minute, which we’ve all been guilty of at some point, you end up relying on caffeine. A lot.

Expect to be wired to the moon on a diet of Starbucks, Boost and the odd cuppa soup for the next two months.

3. Suddenly The Weirdest Things Become Distractions

You have always hated day time TV, but all of a sudden you can’t tear yourself away from Bargain Hunt. It’s quite probable that you’ll find yourself needing to complete certain tasks…like actually doing the drying-up or arranging your computer files into carefully planned-out desktop folders.

Stop procrastinating and get back to the books.

4. Your Favourite Gig/Event/TV Show Will Be On

Obviously, because Murphy’s Law.

Game of Thrones Season 6 or the coursework essay which counts for 80% of your grade? It’s a tough one indeed.

Tip: Delete Facebook, cancel Netflix and barricade yourself in the library for the foreseeable future if you want to avoid distractions.

giphy (1)5. You Look Constantly Lost

Let’s call it Resting Blank Face. For many this will be a time of looking generally bewildered as your brain goes into overdrive.

Thankfully, this is temporary. When it’s all over your expression should return to normal.

6. All The Good Books Are Gone From The Library

Who is this person? The one who sneaks into the library and takes out all the decent reference books the second they get their exam questions?

It’s survival of the fittest so your best bet is to stay one step ahead of the eager beavers and do your research early. Or, you know, Google.

giphy (2)7. You Look Back In Regret At All The Classes You Missed

It’s kind of like having a premature mid-life crisis. All you can think about is how you ruined your life because you decided to have another hour’s sleep and miss that mid-term lecture.

Every mid-week party, The Walking Dead marathons, all the pizza-and-bed days that took preference over your studying…they’ve come back to haunt you. But don’t give yourself a hard time, there’s always point Number 8…

8. A Career As A Pole Dancer Starts To Look Appealing

It’s tempting. Short shifts, great pay…and no exams required. Who cares if your parents disapprove? Decisions.

giphy (3)9. Everyone Keeps Asking How You’re Studying Is Going

What you want to say: What does it look like? I’m unprepared, my life is falling apart, I’ve developed a stomach ulcer and I am screaming internally. Please help me.

What you actually say: It’s going great. Thanks.

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