Blood Of My Blood: Margaery Steps Up Her Game

Last week’s Game of Thrones episode, Blood of My Blood, was unsurprisingly more reserved than the few that preceded it, which was welcomed by critics and fans alike. There’s only so much excitement we can take.

ep56-ss03-1280Having said that, there was still plenty to chew on and there’s a real sense that loose ends are being tied together in preparation for the big finale.

Let’s talk about the most important event of the episode: Margaery Tyrell’s conversion to the Faith and convincing King Tommen to do the same, therefore avoiding the highly anticipated Walk of Shame. (Sorry guys, no nakedness today.)

It all seems a bit rushed and, truthfully, unconvincing. We have to remember that the Game is still being played, and I suspect this alliance with the High Sparrow is another means of Margaery stepping up the ladder. Tommen isn’t going to last long, especially since he’s isolated his “Uncle” Jaime by stripping him of his position as Lord Commander of the King’s Guard and ordering him off to Riverrun.

ep56-ss04-1280Think about it, she will do anything to protect her brother Loras and this would put her in a great position of power against Cersei and the other Lannisters.

Good luck trying to manipulate the High Sparrow though, he’s full-scale spiritual-hardcore.

Another key moment was the conclusion to Arya’s time in the House of Black and White. Arguably, it was the moment that Arya saw her Lady Crane’s stage performance of Cersei that she realised she didn’t want to become no one…she’s a Stark.

ep56-ss09-1280Maybe she realised the value of family, or maybe she wasn’t ready to lose her identity at this stage of the Game. Either way, it will be great to see her back on the road again with Needle and being a general badass.

And while Bran Stark, AKA Hodor-murderer, is saved by the White Walkers by the reappearance of his half-Walker Uncle Benjen and some fiery zombie-killing weapons, he is still at a bit of a loss as to what to do with his powers. His vision as Meera trailed him through the snowy forest included flashbacks of his fall and the delirious cackles of the Mad King, but there’s still a lot of questions oustanding and no real sense of where Bran goes from here.

ep56-ss08-1280The Stark’s in general, however, are upping their game with the Blackfish (Catelyn Stark’s brother) reclaiming Riverrun and Sansa’s impending siege of Winterfell.

Meanwhile, Sam and Gilly (and a much bigger baby Sam) arrive at his parents’ and we saw a really cool extension to Gilly’s character. If you thought Tywin Lannister was Worst Father of the Year, you obviously haven’t met Sam’s Dad.

Lord Randyll Tarly is just vile, it’s no surprise Sam is such a sap. So fans we pretty relieved when he decided against leaving Gilly and little Sam at House Tarly and nicking the family heirloom, a Valyrian sword, on his way out. You go, Sam! *Fistpump*

ep56-ss06-1280A sword that can kill a White Walker. Interesting.

Blood of My Blood culminated in another motivational speech by Daenerys on board her dragon. It is getting a little repetitive but let’s give the girl a break, she has just been locked up with a bunch of smelly Dothraki widows and almost murdered. Again. Plus, she brought major drama with THAT explosive scene at the end of the last episode and it won’t be long before she crosses the Narrow Sea…with dragons. Stay tuned for ice, fire and some epic battles as we hurtle towards the end of Season 6.

Watch next week’s episode “The Broken Man” on Sunday 5 June on HBO.

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