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The Lisburn based company CocoMojo have been leaving their healthy, feel-good mark on the beverage industry for years and now are gearing up for the launch of their brand new products and packaging.

As well as adding five additional pack sizes for their drinks ranging from 250ml to 1.25 litres, CocoMojo are launching three brand new flavours. The first, Ruby, is a blend of pure young green coconut water with natural raspberry juice to give it a natural tang and flavour explosion.


The second, Peary, is named so because of the blend of coconut water with pear juice. Yet, the third and final new flavour, Bean, is perhaps the most exciting. It is a blend of pure young green coconut water with coconut milk and coffee, for a natural and healthy energy boost.

But those aren’t the only new products. CocoMojo are also launching their own Organic Coconut Flour, perfect for gluten free baking. Certified organic by the organic food federation, this new product is low in carbohydrate and high in fibre, whilst also being fine enough to help thicken sauces and soups.

Likewise, the brand are releasing an Organic Coconut Sugar containing useful micronutrients. Unrefined and considered to have a much lower GI rating than cane sugar, this healthy alternative boasts a delicious caramel flavour and aroma and can be used in anything from hot drinks to baked goods.

unnamedHaving already released a virgin coconut oil to astounding success, CocoMojo decided it was time to release other coconut-based cooking essentials. Their virgin coconut oil has been used for everything from cooking to moisturising, to even being added to coffee. High in antioxidants and with 50% lauric acid content, it’s another day-to-day healthy alternative.

While the first half of the company’s name comes from ‘coconut’ the second half represents the passion and positive energy behind the brand and their aim to help everyone feel as best they can by providing them with a healthy drink.

Inspired by the incredible health benefits of coconuts, the makers of CocoMojo decided to reinvent coconut drinks to make them taste better while maintaining their natural benefits. By blending coconut water, coconut milk and tropical fruits, they went on to create six all natural coconut drinks, free from refined sugar, dairy and gluten.
Originally, the drinks were packaged in a slimline aluminium can but are now available in an array of sizes and material, including glass and plastic bottles, to make them ideal for every occasion.

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