Mars One : The Next Step In Bringing Humanity Together

The last time humans stepped foot on the moon was 1972 and it is as far as humans have ever gone. But now there is a new goal in sight.

580666_353467501368332_226435344_nThe Mars One project has its sights set on creating the first human settlement on another planet, MARS. While to some it may seem still in the realm of SCI-FI, leading scientists are sure that this could be a reality by making the mission a lot more simple. The biggest difference is that it will be a one way mission.

To many this idea is scary, but when the call for the mission went out over 200.000 people applied and they now have the list broken down to 100. Mars One visited space engineering companies from around the globe and all essential parts can be obtained provided the funding is available.

While donations and project members’ own money are helping to fund Mars One, participants want to help fund the mission by turning it into the biggest global media event of our time. TV’s “Big Brother” will pale in comparison as people will be able to watch both the preparations and the colony on Mars itself.

The goal is to have a working colony of humans on Mars between 2023 and 2026, with the first mission to search for a base site launching in 2018.

A satellite and a rover will search the red planet for a suitable site and every two years a hub will be sent up to land and connect together with the help of the rover. These hubs are self sufficient and will produce oxygen for the humans and act as the base with more hubs being sent up every two years.

The aim is to have the first group of four, two men and two women, on mars by 2023 and another group of four joining them every two years after that. If all goes according to plan, in a few years a fully working colony will be on Mars.

Let’s meet some of the applicants…

For me, the greatest thing about Mars One, apart from seeing another sky and stepping on the Martian surface for the first time, would be being remembered always as the first humans that left earth forever. In 50.000 years, no matter how far we stretch out across the universe, every human will look back on this group of four as the first humans ever to migrate into space and take our first steps in colonising our galaxy.

Could this be more than just another media extravaganza?

550731_377981665583582_1304373811_nIt may be a rare moment where all of humanity stands together and looks in awe at these four brave pioneers, proving that no matter what political corruption or human evil is carried out on earth that we humans are still capable of greatness.

And it may also help to heal some wounds by showing us the folly of our actions, fighting over land or religion, when we no longer just inhabit the earth. It will be a great feat for our species and hopefully an inspiration to the younger generations.

Every parent, teacher, aunt or uncle, Granny or Granddad, should use Mars One as an example to inspire kids about what is still possible, especially with private space firms like Space X.

Success or disaster, I hope Mars One inspires a younger generation to look to the stars and dream of everything that is possible. And, even more so, to pull the people of the world together and show us that all of our drama on earth pales in comparison to what we can achieve together.

Check out the Mars One introduction video from 2012 below.

Keep your eyes on the stars and your mind open! Together we are capable to greatness. And what better way to end than 209 seconds that will make you rethink your existence?

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