A Knight To Remember: Game Of Thrones’ Ian Beattie Joins Northern Ireland Comic Con Line-Up

Not only will Game of Thrones’ Ian Beattie be attending this weekend’s MCM Northern Ireland Comic Con, he’ll be signing free autographs at the show too!

A0KKCu_hBelfast-born Beattie, who plays the sinister Ser Meryn Trant in five seasons of HBO’s hugely popular fantasy drama, will be meeting fans and doing promotional signings on the Sunday of Comic Con.

Ian Beattie’s character in Game of Thrones may be a literal knight in shining armour, but don’t let that fool you – Ser Meryn is a cowardly, cruel bully of a man, ‘better at beating little girls than fighting men’.

A member of the Kingsguard, the seven knights sworn to protect the royal family, Ser Meryn takes great pride in obeying the orders of King Joffrey without question or hesitation, no matter how stupid or sadistic they may be.

All this villainy doesn’t go unrewarded, though; as Game of Thrones fans will know, a spectacularly gruesome end awaits the ignoble knight…

11046171_1706140182947974_4166553898309132728_nIan Beattie has also appeared on TV series such as hit dark age drama Vikings and this year’s Barbarians Rising, as well as The Tudors, Number 2s and award-winning police procedural Line of Duty. Meanwhile, his big screen credits include Oliver Stone epic Alexander and critically-acclaimed prison drama Starred Up.

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