Game Of Thrones Season 6: The Best Bits (With GIFs!)

Game of Thrones may be over for another year but that doesn’t mean we have to be completely devoid of happiness. Remember, there are now six full seasons you can replay to your hearts content as well as all the latest GoT news on #ThroneWatch.

Season 6 was arguably the best in Thrones history, tying up many loose ends and setting us up for an epic conclusion to the series.

So let’s take a look at some of the best moments, accompanied by some equally cool GIFs.

Jon Snow’s Resurrection

We prayed, and the Gods answered. Our favourite bastard of the North was brought back to life by Melisandre’s witchery and the internet cheered.


When We Found Out The Meaning Of “Hodor”

It turns out Hodor had a destiny he knew of all along, and his death broke hearts across the globe. I’ll never be able to hold a door the same way again.


When Jaime And Brienne Were Reunited

Unfortunately for Braime, this potential romance is unlikely to come to fruition given the fact that Jaime is in a relationship with the Queen (who also happens to be his sister). Still, their reunion this season was marked by major sexual tension.

giphy (1)

When Tyrion Got Missandei Drunk

This was slightly awkward, but funny nonetheless. Tyrion manage to alleviate the boredom of waiting on Daenerys’ return to Meereen by getting hs drinking game on with Missandei and Grey Worm. Legend.

giphy (2)

Tormund’s Lusty Eyes For Brienne

Need I say more.

giphy (3)

The Return Of The Hound

If you hadn’t read the books, this comeback was a real OMG moment. Episode 7 of Season 6 opened with a shot of The Hound in what appeared to be a rather idyllic hippy community. Too bad it didn’t last…


Jon And Sansa’s Reunion

One of Game of Thrones more heartfelt moments, Sansa arriving at Castle Black and reuniting with her brother gave fans all the feels.



When Arya Was Stabbed And Became Someone

I’m sure there’s more to this story to come in Season 7, but when Arya told Jaqen H’gar to go stuff his No One business we all did a little fist pump. It means she can get back on the road and start clearing the rest of her list.

giphy (4)

Daenerys Burning The Khals And Getting Naked (Again)

In true Khaleesi style, Daenerys set fire to her captors and emerged from the flames sans-clothing. And it was awesome.

giphy (5)

When Jon Was Nearly Trampled By Extras

For a second I really thought Jon Snow was gone (again). It seemed all was lost during the Battle of the Bastards when he was squashed by an avalanche of panicked soldiers, but thankfully Jon fought through and managed to give Ramsay Bolton a good walloping.

giphy (8)

Ramsay’s Face Being Chewed Off By His Hounds

The conclusion to episode 9 was even better than the battle that preceded it…Ramsay finally received his comeuppance and in the most wonderfully brutal manner.

giphy (7)

When Yara Greyjoy Had A Flirt-Off With Daenerys Targaryen

GoT women slayed once more as Dany and Yara formed an alliance and enjoyed a super cute flirtation in the process.

giphy (9)

Daenerys Riding Her Dragon And Frying The Masters

Somehow Daenerys’ signature move still manages to thrill us every time. After a long absence she took back Meereen from the Masters and burnt their fleet to a crisp in the process. Yaaass!

giphy (6)

When We Found Out Jon Was A Stark-Targaryen Hybrid

Perhaps the most momentous revelation of the season, Jon Snow’s parentage was revealed in the Season finale and now we know he is half Stark, half Targaryen. Let’s just say this means we are in for an EPIC season 7.


When Cersei Fried The Sept

Cersei Lannister had been lying low for a few episodes but we all knew she’d make a comeback. Few of us were prepared for the scale of her wrath, however, as she incinerated the High Sparrow, his minions and most of House Tyrell in one jaw-dropping explosion of wildfire.



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